Jon Davies

Senior Director of Cyber Defence at News Corp & former Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft

How to hire Jon Davies

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Jon Davies' official speaking topics include:

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Security
  • Cyber Crime
  • Nation State
  • AI-Cyber
  • Cyber Fraud
  • Technology Risk
  • "Talking Cyber to the Board"

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"Jon participated in a number of our conferences and every time delivered exceptional content. His sessions were extremely popular with our customers. Jon's sessions always covered the latest and greatest from the cyber industry - whether it was notable ransomware attacks or review of new solutions brought to the market. He adapted the language to suit our audience - he knew how to simplify the complex technology terms, provided unbiased assessment of current events as well as knowledgeable opinion. I would definitely recommend Jon for both virtual and face-to-face keynotes as well as panel discussions." - Chess ICT

"Having seen Jonathan talk on a number of occasions I was impressed by his wide-ranging knowledge on the topic of cyber security and his ability to move between deeply technical and business language. Jon has a relaxed, friendly approach which really resonates with his audience and encourages participation, which I think is a real positive for a speaker." - Scott, Co-Founder, Bridewell

  • 2023 – Senior Director of Cyber Defence, News Corp
  • 2023 – Board Member, Chartered Institute of Information Security
  • 2022 – Recipient of Platinum Speakers Award from Microsoft
  • 2021 – Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft
  • 2021 – Specialist, UK Ministry of Defence
  • 2021 – Principal Cyber Specialist, HM Revenue & Customs
  • 2020 – Specialist Fellow of Cybersecurity, UK Ministry of Defence
  • 2019 – Lead Cyber Security Consultant, UK Ministry of Defence
  • 2018 – Senior Cyber Security Consultant, UK Ministry of Defence
  • 2017 – Senior Systems Engineering Consultant, UK Ministry of Defence
  • 2016 - Senior Systems Engineer, UK Ministry of Defence
  • 2014 – Project Engineer, GE
  • 2010 – Research Development Project Engineer, Tata Steel