Geffrye Parsons

Founder & CEO of The Inclusion Imperative, Winner of the LGBT+ Inspirational Leader Award at the British LGBT Awards, Named on the Pride Power List & the Top 100 List of LGBTQ+ Executives Globally

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Geffrye Parsons' official speaking topics are listed below:

Psychological Safety -

The talk explores the importance of psychological safety, and creating a sense of belonging, in the workplace and in teams. This includes:

  • What psychological safety means
  • What it is comprised of - identity safety, contributor safety, learner safety & challenger safety
  • What it is not (i.e. it promotes constructive conflict rather than harmony)
  • How it contributes synergistic value by encouraging organisational learning
  • How and by whom it is created

Inclusive Leadership -

The talk explores the importance of inclusive leadership in organisations and teams. Based around my self-developed model, it explores:

  • What inclusion is
  • Why inclusion in the workplace matters
  • How organisations suffer from a systemic lack of inclusion
  • The distinction between management & leadership
  • Leadership behaviours to role model inclusion: embodying EQ and CQ, valuing, promoting and leveraging difference, showing integrity and building trust
  • The 9 Cs of inclusive behaviours (a development of Deloitte’s 6 Cs)

Allyship & Advocacy -

The talk explores the importance of allyship and advocacy behaviours in support of minority characteristics in the workplace. It covers:

  • What allyship is
  • Why allyship is needed
  • The value-adding effect of allyship
  • The business case: allyship’s commercial impact
  • How allyship adds value in teams and workplaces
  • The spectrum of allyship
  • Allyship behaviours: ‘lending one’s privilege’

The Power of Empathy & Compassion -

The talk explores the importance of empathetic and compassionate leadership behaviours in the workplace. It covers:

  • What is meant by empathy & compassion
  • How this translates into practice in teams at work
  • It's role in fostering psychological safety
  • Translating empathy into action, i.e. compassion
  • The role of authenticity in empathetic leadership
  • Empathetic leadership behaviours

LGBTQ+ Inclusion 101 - 

The talk explains the basics of being LGBTQ+ and the importance and ways of being inclusive of LGBTQ+ people at work. It covers:

  • LGBTQ+ history
  • LGBTQ+ terminology
  • Key LGBTQ+ statistics
  • How orientation, identity and expression can diverge from the heteronormative binary
  • The business case for LGBTQ+ inclusion
  • How to be LGBTQ+ inclusive, with allyship tips

Intersectionality Inclusion 101 - 

The talk explains the importance of taking a holistic, intersectional approach to inclusion, emphasising the commonalities between minority characteristics and how to address the compounding barriers which multiple characteristics can create.

ERG & Diversity Committee Optimisation - 

The talk explains how to make best use of employee resource groups (ERGs) and Diversity Committees. It covers:

  • What ERGs and Diversity Committees
  • The rationale underpinning them
  • Their purposes, scope and objectives
  • How they can add value
  • How they should be organised and governed
  • How they should work with internal and external stakeholders
  • How to measure their success

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"What sets Geff apart is his deep knowledge and understanding of business and how inclusion has to be integral to support performance at the individual, team and organisational levels. I'm not sure I have met another consultant who is better able to understand how to help organisations move beyond performative inclusion." - Proud Science Alliance

"Geffrye is a fantastic speaker - very insightful, knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about all topics he covers, particularly LGBTQ issues, intersectionality, workplace culture, the power of staff networks, and the wider ED&I spectrum! He was a pleasure to work with." - Culture Shift

"We were hugely impressed by Geff’s passion, logical approach, in-depth knowledge, practical insights, and persuasive communication style at all levels" - Linklaters

"Geff is an incredible speaker! Very knowledgeable and engaging" - The Institute of Government & Public Policy

"Geff hosted an incredible educational event for our organisation. The talk was informative, engaging and catered for everyone. We’d love to work with Geff again!" - RBC Royal Bank of Canada

"Geff's delivery style is engaging, it brings to life the practical insightful inclusion content he delivers." - WorkLife Central

"The visibility with which Geff put LGBTQ+ equality on the agenda in the otherwise conservative and often difficult to change the world of banking is inspiring. In the process, Geff is changing the banking industry and the City as a whole. The impact of Geff’s visibility and actions is not just for a day or a month but will be felt for years to come. In my experience, a lot of people find it easy to pay lip service – Geff is one of the very few who takes action." - Krishna, Corporate Lawyer & Stonewall Role Model of the Year 2018

"Geff has a boundless and infectious passion for LGBTQ+ inclusion. What sets him apart is that he is committed to ALL LGBTQ+ people, not a subset. Geff is a truly intersectional practitioner and creates change so that everyone can better succeed. He is also a great mentor and teacher, happy to meet people wherever they are on their journey." - Sarah, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion EMEA, Macquarie Group

"Geff is one of the most high-energy and high-impact executives I have encountered in the area of LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion.  Geff is deeply committed to helping the LGBTQ+ community. I genuinely could not hope to encounter an LGBTQ+ executive who is doing more for our community." - Elliot, MD & Senior Partner, BCG

"Geff has been a great advocate for inclusion within the workplace across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and through his openness and work with external initiatives such as ours, has demonstrated the importance both of being authentic and true to yourself at work, as well as working to ensure others can do the same, whether they face the same difficulties as you or not." - Jonathan, Co-Founder, London Bi Network

  • 2022 - Shortlisted for the Business Role Model award at the PinkNews Awards
  • 2022 - Named on The Guardian Pride Power List of the Most Influential LGBTQ+ People in the UK
  • 2021 - Ranked in the top quartile of the Top 100 LGBTQ+ Executives 
  • 2019 - Ranked in the top quartile of the Top 100 LGBTQ+ Executives 
  • 2019 - Winner of the LGBT+ Inspirational Leader award at the British LGBT Awards
  • 2018 - Ranked in the top quartile of the Top 100 LGBTQ+ Executives 
  • 2018 - Shortlisted for the Business Role Model award at the PinkNews Awards 
  • 2018 - Winner of the PinkNews Business Equality Award with Macquarie
  • 2015 - Managing Director of Commodities & Global Markets for Macquarie Bank
  • 2013 - Managing Director of Local Markets Structuring, Commodities & Financial Markets for Macquarie Bank
  • 2006 - Structured Capital Markets, Emerging Markets & Fixed Income for BNP Paribas
  • 2003 - Director & Head of Financial Engineering Asia/Europe for ING Bank
  • 1996 - Director & Head of Financial Engineering Asia for ABN AMRO
  • 1994 - Associate, Structured Corporate Finance for Asian Capital Partners
  • 1991 - Senior Audit Manager for KPMG
  • 1991 - Acting CFO for Enotria Wines 
  • 1987 - Assistant Audit Manager for Shipleys Chartered Accountants
  • Steering Committee Member for the British LGBT Awards 
  • Judge for the PinkNews Awards & the British LGBT Awards
  • Trustee of GiveOut & Diversity Role Models 
  • Board Member of Pride in Tennis
  • Former Trustee of London Village Network