Christopher Maloney


Christopher Maloney is a British solo artist and music performer who rose to fame thanks to his appearance on popular TV series the X Factor.

Famously bringing judges and audiences to tears with his first solo artist performance on the show Christopher Maloney has maintained a high public profile since leaving X Factor and despite only coming third in the X Factor competition Maloney released his debut single to moderate success.

Marked by many as the “wild card” of 2012’ s X Factor competition Maloney’s performances as a music have improved exponentially since his first appearance on the show; he continues to perform as solo artist and provide services as a performer and entertainer.

Notoriously remembered for his nerves Maloney’s rise to fame is an inspirational story of overcoming adversity and the strength and emotion he portrays as a musician is a wonderful and memorable experience for all who witness it.

He is a popular solo artist and his online following is over 140 thousand; his appearances as a performer at entertainment events continue to draw the attention of the press as well as providing audiences with a charming and enjoyable music act.

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“How have you kept that voice hidden till now” – Gary Barlow

“An undeniably amazing voice” – ­ Tulisa