Malik Forté

YouTube Star & eSports TV Host

Youtube sensation, former professional gamer, and eSports TV host, Malik Forté has a vast collection of strings to his bow. As a veteran in the video game industry, Malik has over a decade of professional experience in all aspects of gaming and entertainment. His ability to be chameleon has lead to many high profile opportunities and an exciting career. As a speaker, he has a wealth of comical anecdotes in addition to a well-rounded view of eSports that he shares through a considered speech, delivered exceptionally.

Growing up Malik was introduced to video games by his mother who wanted to keep him out of trouble. Fast forward thirty years and he has spent the duration of his life in the gaming community. After a short time as a professional gamer, Malik began to stream videos of him playing and creating content for Youtube expressing his opinions on the industry and themes in games. His YouTube and other social media accounts, all named Malik 4play, quickly gained popularity as he shared his opinions in a comical way.

Turning a passion for games into a well-established career is no easy feat, but in 2013 Malik joined Nerdish Industries, who scouted him off the back of his popular videos. As a gaming editor at Nerdist, Malik’s role involved playing video games, writing about them and producing reviews, a dream job for many. At Nerdist, he produced a vast amount of content across platforms, which further gained him popularity and helped to amass the 12,500 YouTube subscribers he has today.

Since 2016 Malik has used his experience in the gaming industry to venture into hosting, producing and broadcasting. In 2017 he started to freelance as a host. Known for his animated personality and in-depth opinions, especially on the Overwatch League, Malik has proved to be in-demand for a number of high profile events. He has reported at Blizzcon in 2015 and 2019, spoken at Gaming Grill 2019 on the future of eSports and broadcasted at Comicon. In addition, Malik has been well received as an Overwatch League analyst, having attended 2016 ELEAGUE Overwatch Open, ELEAGUE Street Fighter Invitational, and the Overwatch World Cup.

As a seasoned broadcaster and video game awards host, Malik Forté would be an ideal addition for any event. Engaging an audience is what Malik has done so well for over a decade and his vast breadth of knowledge across the whole industry allows him to adapt to every engagement.

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When at corporate events, Malik is known to cover the following topics:

  • ESports
  • The Future of eSports
  • Competitive Gaming
  • ESports Events
  • Hosting

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