Vince Ebert

Graduate Physicist & Comedian

Vince Ebert started his stage career as a comedian in 1998 after graduating in physics and working in management consulting and market research. His comedy shows, Physics Is Sexy, Thinking is Worthwhile, Freedom is Everything and Evolution allowed Ebert to establish himself as a scientific comedian who can both captivate all audiences with his wordplay and humour.

Furthermore, Ebert has been hosting his own Science Show on German public service broadcaster, the ARD. Ebert’s books have sold over 500,000 copies and were subsequently made it onto the list of best-selling books for multiple weeks. For many years, Vince Ebert has been giving keynote speeches for companies such as Commerzbank, Philips Lighting, Markant, Media-Saturn and EP ElectronicPartner. Since 2015, he has also been performing in English, mostly for corporations like Siemens or Merck as well as at international science conferences.

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Watch Vince deliver a TEDx speech here: