3x UK Sportswriter of the year

Reminding us that the truth is wwhat matters most in journalism, David Walsh’s story, featuring a 13-year pursuit of Lance Armstrong will make for a fascinating keynote peech at our networking breakfast

David Walsh famously uncovered Lance Armstrong’s doping programme,
leading to the exposure of the extent of the doping problem in US and
international cycling. His 13 years in pursuit of the truth brought David
considerable abuse. Lance Armstrong once dubbed him a ‘little troll’ and
such criticism only spurred David on.

An intense and longstanding media feud even saw a lawsuit levelled
against him. The story would follow David everywhere, affecting his
family life and even to some extent his reputation. But David was
vindicated in 2010 when the news came through that Armstrong had
been implicated.

Offering a fascinating personal insight, which focuses on mental resilience
and persistence in the face of adversity, as well as a journalistic career
that has seen him become a figurehead in his field, we are delighted to
announce one of the finest, most tenacious journalists in sporting history
to speak at our showcase breakfast.

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