James Mates


James Mates is an award-winning journalist, correspondent, facilitator, and conference presenter available for all manner of bookings. The ideal speaker and host, Mates draws on a long history of reportage to provide you and your delegates with incisive insight, thrilling anecdotes, and infectious motivation.

Mates began his career at the highly-successful ITN in 1983 as an editorial trainee. Majoring with an Honours degree in International History and Politics, he moved over to the newsroom eventually working in ITV’s News. In 1986 he became a correspondent joining a long list of brave war correspondents. Mates travelled extensively with one of his first reports coming from the Zeebrugge disaster. He spent over two months covering the story as the operation to raise the capsized Herald of Free Enterprise’ ferry continued.

From there Mates moved further afield and became the ITN Tokyo Correspondent. In the Japanese capital, he reported and read for Channel 4 Daily as well as ITV News. Mates moved again in 1991 to cover the collapse of the USSR. Based in Moscow, he covered every aspect of the fall of Communism and its 50 years of political intrigue and history.

Between 1993 and 1996 Mates was ITN’s Diplomatic Editor. The brave journalist covered Kosova during the NATO invasion, Yugoslavia’s refugee crisis, and President Yeltsin’s attempt to stop uprisings in Chechnya. Mates tested his metal covering the Rwandan Genocide. He was the only television journalist left in Kigali in 1994 and covered the fall of the city to the Rwandan Patriotic Front. Mates and ITV’s coverage of Rwanda was harrowing and won them a BAFTA for their coverage. He remained on the continent to cover South Africa’s historic elections which saw Nelson Mandela become the first democratic president.

Mates then moved to the States to become the Washington correspondent. While in the States he covered historical moments like the September 11 attacks, George W. Bush’s first election, and the millennium celebrations.

Mates returned to his homeland and was awarded the title of Senior Correspondent. He was integral in covering the fox hunting ban and reporting of England winning the Rugby World Cup. Currently Mates works as the Europe Editor for ITV News with a focus on the EU, Brexit, and what it means to the UK. Mates work across the globe has won him many awards including the Prix du Press Club de France at the 7th International Scoop & News Festival and a silver medal at the 35th Annual Film & Television Festival.

With such a rich journalistic pedigree; there are few journalists as qualified and interesting as James Mates. His time reporting on some of humanity’s greatest triumphs and saddest tragedies mark him as a journalist of integrity and skill. As a speaker, he has a wealth of stories and anecdotes on to ensure your dinner party or corporate event is as entertaining as it is insightful. Book this talented motivational speaker and journalist now to astound your guests and impress your clients.

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When at corporate events, James is known to cover the following topics:

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