Jeroen De Flander


As one of the worlds most influential thinkers on strategy execution, Jeroen De Flander is a leading keynote speaker, businessman and author.

As an acclaimed author, De Flander’s books include The Execution Shortcut and the best-seller, Strategy Execution Heroes. The Execution Shortcut was also nominated for Management Book of the Year 2012 in the Netherlands.

As a result of his years of business experience and knowledge, Flanders is a highly requested advisor, consultant and speaker. He has appeared at the same conferences as prominent thinkers, such as Michael Porter and Costas Markides, and has also helped more than 31,500 managers in over 40 countries worldwide to master the necessary execution skills.

Chairman of the globally recognised body, the Institute for Strategy Execution, Flanders is also Managing Director of The Performance Factory. The Performance Factory is a business that helps leaders, future leaders and organisations increase performance through best-in-class performance.

As a professional speaker at a number of events all around the globe, Flanders is no stranger to guest lecturing and consulting at various organisations and universities. For example, Flanders lectures at business schools such as London Business School, IMD, Vlerick, Essec, UTAS and Solvay. He has also developed his own programme to allow leaders the necessary skills to execute company strategy, which is run in 10 countries.

Furthermore, Flanders is also a Professor and Faculty member at a number of universities. He is the professor of Tias School for Business and Society, where he runs a master class as apart of the Executive Masters programme. He also teaches leadership skills how to improve their strategy and strategy execution skills at in company universities such as GDFSUEZ, Sabic, Alstrom and bpost.

An experienced speaker, with vast knowledge in his field, Jeroen De Flander is perfect for individuals and companies that want to improve their business performance and strategy. He offers invaluable advice on various techniques that may help improve a business’s strategy, as well as using his own experience to help provide examples that individuals can relate to and understand.

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When at corporate events, Jeroen is known to cover the following topics:

  • Motivation
  • Change
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Strategy Execution
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Innovation