Julianne Kissack


Author and motivational speaker Julianne Kissack is a prominent figure in public speaking and personal development, her book, Flip the Fear of Public Speaking, offering readers an insight into how to achieve confidence and overcome stage fright.

Kissack has developed a collection of practical and transferable skills that will help those in a variety of professions and situations to complete their public speaking duties, an exceptional after dinner speaker in her own right Julianne Kissack draws both from her own experiences and proven professional techniques to help people flip their fear of public speaking.

In both her book and her work as a motivational speaker Julianne Kissack outlines simple and straightforward techniques that not only help to improve self-confidence but also dispel the obvious traits of stage fright and insecurity in front of audiences. Many of Julianne’s motivational speaker presentations include personal anecdotes whose sheer existence in her public appearances at after dinner speaker events demonstrate the efficiency of her methods.

Both Kissack’s book and personal coaching events introduce audiences to straight forward techniques and exercises that teach readers to capture the interest and engage with their audiences; as a motivational speaker Julianne Kissack preaches confidence, enthusiasm and energy and highlights how such qualities help to speakers to connect with and persuade their audiences.

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When at corporate events, Julianne is known to cover the following topics:

  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Development
  • Stage Fright
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • After Dinner Speaking