Peter Ebdon

Former UK and World Champion

Snooker speaker and professional player Peter Ebdon is known across the globe for a long standing and prolific career taking part in some of the world’s most prestigious tournaments and winning both the UK and World Snooker Championships.

Now working as a sports speaker at specialist snooker and after dinner speaker events Peter Ebdon has won no less than four Open titles, including the British and Scottish Open tournaments in 2000 and 2001 respectively as well as winning the Irish Masters three years later.

Ebdon, whose numerous nicknames include Mr Clean, The Force and Captain Slow, is known for his considered and meticulous playing style, often taking considerable amounts of time to line up shots and breaks Peter Ebdon champion’s patience and determination. In his work as a snooker speaker Ebdon details not only how to improve one’s game but also the importance of practice and deliberation in the sport. He is a popular and impressive sports speaker and always a popular choice amongst snooker enthusiasts.

Outside his work as a snooker speaker and player Peter Ebdon has released two singles, one of which was a cover of David Cassidy’s “I Am a Clown”.

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