Nigel Jemson


Nigel Jemson is a retired professional footballer who played for a number of high profile English clubs throughout his 17 year professional career. Now spending a lot of his time as a football speaker, Jemson has all the necessary requirements to be a highly sought after speaker. Working alongside the world-renowned Brian Clough for a number of years, Jemson often tells his audiences a few of the stories he experienced along the way.

Overall, Jemson played for more than ten English clubs and often reflects on his experiences of playing up and down the country during his time as a football speaker. He first played for Preston North End in 1986 before moving to Nottingham Forest in 1988, the club where he would enjoy the most success individually and as a club. Jemson scored the winning goal for Forest in the 1990 League Cup final against Oldham Athletic. He often reflects on the match-winning goal within his speech and what it meant to be a pivotal figure in a trophy-winning side.

He played for a number of other domestic clubs, whether permanently or on loan. One of his most successful goalscoring periods came for Oxford United between 1996 and 1998. Jemson scored 27 times in just 68 appearances for the club and was comfortably the best player in the side during that time. Having played for a number of different clubs and constantly moving between clubs, it meant Jemson had to show adaptability, a topic he is an expert in and discusses at events and functions. His wonderful personality and great humour ensured that Jemson adapted to new clubs perfectly and never felt out of place. His personality and humour shines through as a football speaker and makes him a truly mesmerising speaker.

Jemson ended his professional career at Shrewsbury Town, he played 109 times for the club and scored 36 goals. This was the most appearances and goals Jemson acquired for one club and was a sentiment to a hugely successful career. After retiring from professional football, he played for a number of semi-professional clubs in both Northern Ireland and England.

Now spending a lot of his time as a speaker, Jemson has allowed himself to gain a number of vital skills in order to be a highly successful after dinner speaker. He has a shining personality, which when coupled with his footballing experiences and expertise, creates a marvellous football speaker. He often discusses the aforementioned subjects, but also delves into the importance of teamwork and peak performance.

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When at corporate events, Nigel is known to cover the following topics:

  • Football Speaker
  • Sporting Success
  • International Football
  • Brian Clough
  • Nottingham Forest
  • 90s Football
  • Peak Performance
  • Maximising Success
  • Teamwork