Andrew Amery


Andrew Amery is an influential figure in the world of large-scale security, having been Head of Security during the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games. Following a career in security for the Royal family, he went on to lead security measures for the late Queen Mother’s funeral and the Golden Jubilee. Respected in the industry for his analytical approach to security and dedication to his clients, Andrew was soon hired by Locog. From small-scale criminal acts to potentially devastating terrorist and cyber attacks, Andrew is prepared for anything.

Since his role in security at the Olympics, Andrew’s team of people have grown to thousands of dedicated, talented security officials, passionate about maintaining safety. Andrew’s approach to security centres around collaboration; police, military, government and IOC. He values the unique input of each sector, but ultimately relies upon his own initiative to guarantee safety.

As he oversaw all security at the Olympics in 2012, Andrew had to ensure the safety of all who attended. From petty crimes, like public intoxication and vandalism of the stadium, to more major crimes, like terrorism attacks or cyber assaults, the event ran smoothly thanks to Andrew and his team. Andrew’s skill of negotiation derives from this experience, as he had to discuss a security plan with different groups of officials for the event to run smoothly.

Whilst organising the Olympic Games’ safety, Andrew had to keep in mind the priorities of all those he governed, including organisers, athletes, sponsors, government and, most importantly, the public. To do so, he weighed up the potential risk to life against the enjoyment and efficiency of the event. As a security speaker, Andrew can offer an insight into this process, providing advice on how to keep fans safe while ensuring they enjoy the event.

At his presentations, Andrew discusses candidly the thankless role that security entails. For if he succeeds, then Andrew and his processes are deemed necessary (bag checks, for example). But if he fails, lives are on the line. Andrews presentations are awe-inspiring, as he gives audiences an insight into the dangers of seemingly safe events. His tips to public safety are invaluable, especially for business owners who deal in large, client-facing events.

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