Mergim Butaja

Candidate On The Apprentice 2015

Mergim Butaja has an incredibly heart touching story, born in an entirely different country; he pursued his dream without compromise. You might have heard his name before on the TV Show ‘Apprentice’, his touching story captivated and caught the attention of millions. In life, very few will understand what it really means to overcome adversity, a word that is often used to describe hardship. Mergim moved to London at the young age of seven, completing his education in Coventry.

With business speakers, there is definitely a common set of traits that make them phenomenal in the world of business, whether this is the sheer drive, incredible intellect or just a fantastic way with people. So what makes Mergim one of a kind? If we take a step back to the beginning of Mergim’s story and look at when he got his first taste of business, it wasn’t selling lemonade or anything for self gain, no, quite the opposite in fact.

His story started working for an animal charity, going door to door raising funds, encouraging residents to donate a monthly fee. Like most incredible business, their appetite is rarely satisfied; thus, he went into sales working in the fitness industry selling memberships, and from this he went on to work for the global telecommunications organisation.

However, work has not been Mergim’s entire world – with his strong family qualities he understands responsibility and having incredible pressure to deliver when the odds are against him, imagine being responsible for a family of seven, a full-time job, side projects, at the age of 18?

Later going on to found several successful business projects, his continued work and strong drive proves that whatever your background and regardless of your ambitions, you can succeed and turn dreams into a reality. During Mergim’s talks, he will often showcase success, failure, perseverance, determination, all of which made him a successful businessmen. A fantastic motivational speaker and with a surplus of stories, you can be certain he will bring something new to your event.

To book Mergim Butaja as the business management speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

“We hired Mergim as guest host for our big wows of Westside awards and he was a huge hit with our audience keeping more than 500 guests entertained throughout the night . Easy to work with and good at presenting himself we will definitely work with him again.” – Lisa Smith, Director,  Prepared PR

“The feedback we have received from Mergim’s talk has been incredible. Young people felt that they could connect with his key messages and often refer to the talk when thinking about the future.” – Rashid Bhayat, Executive Director,  Positive Youth Foundation