Tom Holland

Author & Radio Presenter For Making History

Having brought history to life through his numerous books and media appearances, Tom Holland is undoubtedly the country’s best-known historian. Providing fascinating insight into the greatest civilisations in world history, Tom has continued to inspire professionals and history buffs across the United Kingdom and beyond.

An immensely prolific author, Tom has an incredible array of top publications to his name. His stand-out work on the Roman Empire, Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic, received valuable recognition from historians and readers alike. The work was awarded the prestigious Hessell-Tiltman Prize for History, as well as appearing on a shortlist for the Samuel Johnson Prize.

Tom’s second work, Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West, represented an exhilarating chronicle of the Graeco-Persian Wars. Proving to be a hit with the public, the work achieved widespread acclaim, winning him a Runciman Award in the process. Numerous other works followed, including books on the rise of Christendom and Islam, as well as a book on the collapse of Roman and Persian power in the East. Last but not least, his translation of Herodotus – which found a literary home with iconic publisher Penguin – brought him further acclaim.

Continuing to expand on his impressive literary output, books such as Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar and Athelstan: The Making of England have continued to cement his position as a leading historian. Demonstrating a unique ability to bring history to life no matter the audience, Tom’s unrelenting passion for his field has seen him embark on a rewarding career as one of the nation’s most unique after dinner speakers.

Unsurprisingly, Tom has also become a familiar face in the media. He has presented television documentaries covering a wide range of topics, as well as becoming the presenter for BBC Radio 4’s Making History. Receiving recognition for his contribution to the promotion of Ancient Roman- and Greek culture, he was awarded a Classical Association prize in 2007.

The perfect speaker for corporate events, charity events, gala dinners, conferences and many other occasions, Tom’s dedication to his craft is a delight to witness. Providing insight into the many lessons taught by world history, his keynote speeches are a sure-fire way of ensuring a successful event.

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When he’s at corporate events, Tom is known to cover the following topics:

  • Writing & Authoring
  • TV & Radio Presenting
  • British Journalism
  • Literary Output
  • Dealing With Pressure