Nisha Pillai


Former BBC news presenter, Nisha Pillai gained over twenty years experience within BBC World News, Panorama and the Money Programme. Now she is an established motivational speaker and event host who specialises in stimulating audience engagement and moderating lively panel discussions.

Nisha played a huge role at BBC World News as one of the main news presenters. This role saw her cover some huge breaking news moments from the first two hours of the 9/11 attack in the U.S, the fall of Baghdad during the Iraq War and the collapse of the financial rescue plan in the U.S. Congress.

While presenting on BBC Panorama Nisha would cover ground breaking reports a highlight was her nine-month long investigation into Robert Maxwell’s crumbling empire which was broadcast just a month before his death. Nisha’s contribution to this affair resulted in a Royal Television Society’s Award for the Best Current Affairs Programme.

Nisha has gained a lot of experience into a variety of different topics from her presenting career, she developed her economical knowledge throughout her role on BBC Money Programme. Prior to becoming an on-screen correspondent she had joined as a researcher with experience from working at the Investors Chronicle and Schroders Merchant Bank. As a correspondent, she interviewed the likes of Sir Richard Branson, on spotting business winners, this took place on his houseboat. She also interviewed Gordan Brown on his early obsession with economics and finally Rupert Murdoch about the challenge of setting up Sky News.

Now Nisha is a highly sought after speaker due to her extensive knowledge across many sectors and she prides herself on bringing difficult subjects to life and generating audience engagement and interaction. She has a wealth of experience in doing this having worked with the likes of Kofi Annan to moderate their annual conference on global Humanitarian and CERN as a fast paced moderator surrounding the topics of physics and cosmology. She has also chaired at The World Bank and hosted an event for Ernst & Young with over 3,000 partners.

No topic is out of Nisha’s reach permitted she is supplied with an extensive brief. She always adds humour to any event she’s at and has the ability to motivate a whole room to get on there feet and get engaged. Nisha is an extremely interesting individual with a magnitude of stories collected from her days presenting some of the biggest world issues. She is also known to discuss topics surrounding, networking, getting your message across and how to grab an audience’s attention.

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When at corporate events, Nisha is known to cover the following topics:

  • The BBC
  • Broacasting & Journalism
  • Financial Affairs
  • Underclass In Purdah