Dr Phil Hammond


Dr Phil Hammond is a man of many talents; from broadcasting and comedy to commentating on UK health issues, thanks to his background as a physician. Whilst writing for The Independent, Phil made a name for himself through his witty writing style and advocacy for pro-patient rights. He has previously offered a comical commentary on the NHS, a communicative style that he projects in his public speaking. As an after dinner speaker, Phil shares his experience as a physician, and suggests improvements for the future of healthcare.

Born and raised in Australia, Phil moved to the UK to complete his qualifications as a doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, London. After completing his education, Phil then moved to work as a GP and a lecturer in Medical Communication, presenting at Bristol and Birmingham University. After retraining, Phil then earned the title of associate specialist in chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating illness.

As a columnist, Phill frequently writes for the Private Eye, in the Medicine Balls column. Additionally, he has toured the country on a number of occasions, which a variety of shows paying tribute to all things medical. From 2011 onwards, he toured with Dr Phil’s Rude Health Show and Confessions of a Doctor, until 2013.

Phil’s career extends beyond strictly the medical sector. The after-dinner speaker boasts an impressive media career, having starred in a number of shows, both as a guest and as a host. Firstly, he featured at the Edinburgh Fringe, performing his show 59 Minutes to save the NHS, as well as being a team captain on Tibs and Fibs, a Channel Five medical quiz. Phil has appeared on Countdown, Trust Me, I’m A Doctor, and on the radio series, 28 Minutes to Save the NHS and Struck Off and Die. From Have I Got News For You to The News Quiz, he has featured in it all.

In his public speaking, Phil is hilarious and knowledgeable in equal amounts. From witty anecdotes from his prolific career to decades of scientific research, he is a speaker in a million. Audiences are captivated by Phil, who takes a seemingly heavy subject and presents it in such a way that is inclusive and understandable. As a speaker, his passion for healthcare is palpable.

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