Donal MacIntyre


Irish journalist and TV presenter Donal MacIntyre is an internationally acclaimed broadcaster and one of Ireland’s leading investigative journalists. Acting as a reporter, radio and television presenter for a variety of broadcasters MacIntyre is known for his dangerous undercover work and headline breaking stories. Refusing to be marked as entirely serious however Donal MacIntyre has also shown his lighter side to audiences, appearing in the 2009 series of ITV’s Dancing On Ice and Channel 4’s 2014 series The Jump!

Becoming increasingly recognizable Donal MacIntyre has moved away from underground drug deals, infiltrating gangs and documenting football hooliganism into more traditional roles as a TV presenter. Continuing to be interested in many of the darker and more insidious aspects of British culture MacIntyre conducts interviews with and hosts programmes in which his colleagues continue to go undercover.

An award winning reporter, Donal MacIntyre has worked as a radio and television presenter for ITV, the BBC, Sky, CNN, CBS and The Discovery Channel. He has embarked on numerous adventures and expeditions outside of his work as a TV presenter and has even competed at world champion level in canoeing. He is an avid mountain and ice climber and has travelled the world as both an investigative broadcaster and explorer.

Known around the world with his work with remote communities, criminal gangs and unsolved murder cases Donal MacIntyre is not only an accomplished journalist and broadcaster but also an exceptionally talented and intuitive individual.

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