Brigitte Scheffer


Television and radio presenter Brigitte Scheffer is best known as the BBC’s Arabic Correspondent and has reported on some of the biggest events to take place in the region. Previously based in Libya for Bloomberg Brigitte Scheffer has worked specifically in the Middle East for a number of years and as well as working as a TV presenter has also directed and produced a number of documentary films in the region.

As well as working as a television and radio presenter in the Middle East Brigitte Scheffer has also worked prolifically as a print journalist in the region, beginning her career in the media and communications sector in media relations and a media consultant Scheffer is experienced both on and off camera. Her work as a TV presenter and producer for some of the biggest media and communications companies in the world has focused largely on current affairs and politics, her reports covering some of the most devastating terrorist attacks and most exciting democratic liberations to take place in the region.

Outside her role as a television and radio presenter for the British Broadcasting Company Brigitte Scheffer is also an animal rights activist and conservationist, most notably she volunteered as the media consultant on the infamous marine documentary Black Fish.

Brigitte’s involvement with the Middle East has also extended beyond her role as a reporter and TV presenter, she has previously held roles as the external Director for the Government of Saudi Arabia, responsible for all media relations for the government, organising bilateral trade and political missions, and speech writing and representation of the royal family. During this period she was the only western woman to be employed directly by Government of Saudi Arabia.

Brigitte is a British national, fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese and Arabic, her interests are varied and her international media work has covered issues of a global, political, environmental and power/energy nature. Brigitte Scheffer has worked for some of the most prominent television networks in the world and reported from some of the most dangerous conflicts of recent years.

As a freelance journalist and TV presenter she has contributed to CNN, CBS, ABC, CNBC, HBO as well as working as the Campaigns Communicator & Spokesperson for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society; Research Consultant to Ansingh & Associates in Dubai; Director of Communications at the International Council for Security & Development and Producer at Radio Television Espanola (RTVE).

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