Barry Norman OBE

TV Presenter & Personality

Veteran film critic and television and radio presenter Barry Norman OBE has been a working within the British media for more than forty years and is best known as one of the longest serving TV presenters in BBC History. Known for his work as the TV presenter for the BBC series Film Barry presented the show from 1972 until 1998 as well as appearing in and contributing to a number of other television projects. In his capacity as the TV presenter for Film ,Barry was not only required to review the most recent film releases but also interview film stars and makers, discuss trends in both popular and indie cinema and reveal upcoming productions.

However, before securing his position as Britain’s leading television and radio presenter in Film, Barry worked as in print journalism, working as the show business editor for The Daily Mail throughout the 1960’s. After being made redundant, Barry made the transition to television and would spend the next twenty years working for the BBC.

Barry left the BBC in 1998, moving to BskyB where he continued to work as a film and media journalist. During his time at the BBC however, Barry also contributed as a radio presenter and writer, he spent some time working as the travel and transport correspondent for BBC Radio 4 as well as acting as the chair and radio presenter for the stations hit comedy panel series The News Quiz. Most recently Barry Norman OBE has been working as a writer and after dinner speaker, he has published two memoirs detailing his time as a TV presenter and public figure.

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