Christian Wolmar

Transport Journalist & Labour Party Politician

Journalist and politician, Christian Wolmer, is highly regarded in the Labour party. Additionally, he is a railway expert who frequently commentates on transport for Britain’s railway industry – Christian was even named Transport Journalist of the Year in 2007, in the National Transport Awards. As a speaker, Christain has a lot to discuss; from politics to transport, journalism to broadcasting. On top of his career roles, he is also a highly recognisable figure, making him an ideal event host. As an advocate for cycling, Christian’s campaigns make him the perfect addition to health and wellbeing events.

Prior to graduating from the University of Warwick with a degree in Economics, Christian’s first experience of journalism was as an editor of his student newspaper, Campus. After he graduated in 1971, Christian worked for the London Daily News, before joining The Independent from 1989 to 1997. As their transport correspondent, he discussed the privatisation of British Rail by the government at the time. Upon establishing his passion for travel, he started to develop the knowledge which he now shares as a speaker, as he covers such topics as the future of travel and British transport.

Christian is also a respected author, having published a number of books on politics and the railway, including The Subterranean Railway: a history of the London Underground in 2005, Blood, Iron and Gold of 2009, Engines Of War in 2010 and To the Edge of the World in 2013. As a writer, he discusses such themes as the history of the railway, railways and modern warfare, US railroads and the history of Indian railways.

As a political speaker, Christian draws upon his experience as a Labour politician. With a focus on promoting public transport, walking and cycling to decrease our environmental impact, Christian is an idea sustainability speaker due to his advocacy. In 2015, he toured the country to speak at over 100 events by bike, completing over 2,000 miles.

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When appearing at corporate events, Christian can discuss such topics as:

  • Transport in the UK
  • British Politics
  • Economics
  • Broadcasting & Journalism

Christian discussing the HS2: