Tulisa Contostavlos


Pop star and N-Dubz ex-band member Tulisa Contostavlos has established herself as a solo artist in her own right since the break-up of the hip hop music act back in 2010. Now a reality TV star, known for her work as a judge on the X-Factor and her UK number 1 track “Young”.

Standing tall as a strong urban woman Tulisa is known for her outspoken attitude and the strength it took to overcome the troubles and traumas of her underprivileged childhood; using her status as a solo artist and further cementing her status as a reality TV star Tulisa fronted a BBC 3 documentary about mental illness and in her autobiography, Honest: My Story So Far also openly discussed her own experiences with depression, self-harm, eating disorders and drug use.

As well as appearing on the X-Factor Tulisa worked as a reality TV star in the two season N-Dubz reality series Being N-Dubz, where she and fellow band mates Dappy and Fazer gave the world a sneaky peek into the lives of three rising stars as their music act climbed the charts and the each member became more and more popular in the press.

As with many other reality TV stars Tulisa has found her privacy infringed and her personal life scandalised by the world’s paparazzi; both a sex and drugs scandal have landed Tulisa in the press and found her heavily involved in legal proceedings. She however remains, a confident young woman who prides herself on her ability to overcome adversity and represent modern feminism.

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