Ruby Bhogal

Great British Bake Off Runner-Up

One of the most memorable stars of the 2018 series of The Great British Bake Off (GBBO), Ruby Bhogal has established herself as a force of nature in the baking world. Having baked an array of stunning creations over the course of the season, Ruby’s success saw her all the way through to the show’s finale, finishing as a runner-up in the nail-biting series’ conclusion.

Having worked as a project manager prior to her appearance on the contest, the London-based Ruby proved to be popular with judges and viewers alike. Some of her most notable achievements include her being awarded the coveted title of Star Baker on numerous occasions, cementing her position as a dominant contender as the competition progressed.

With many of her friends being unaware of her baking talents, Ruby famously described herself as being an ‘undercover baker’ prior to her appearance on the show. Nonetheless, she made a big impression during Patisserie Week and Danish Week, serving the judges an array of creations that showcased her immense versatility. As if that weren’t enough, she was one of the few Great British Bake Off contestants ever to have received the famed ‘Hollywood Handshake’, which sees bakers recognised for creating a true ‘showstopper’.

Ruby’s achievements were no less impressive in the finale, during which she created an edible pastry mountain as part of the show’s landscape dessert challenge. Following a fantasy theme, her baked mystical landscape featured several magnificent finishing touches, including the use of unicorns and mushrooms. Facing off against fellow contestants Kim-Joy and Rahul, Ruby eventually came in as the joint runner-up.

Having excelled during much of the competition, Ruby nonetheless overcame numerous challenges on her way towards the finale. She experienced a particular setback during Vegan Week – a theme newly-introduced to the show. Her massive cake, which made use of lemon, coconut and chocolate, fell apart just as the clock ran out. Noted for her perseverance, Ruby would go on to reach the show’s final stage undeterred.

As a result of her on-screen success, Ruby has become ideally suited as corporate entertainment. Offering event organisers the chance to feature one of the Great British Bake Off’s brightest stars and celebrity chefs, Ruby is able to add a star quality to all manner of events. Enjoying widespread appeal with both national and international audiences, Ruby is sure to create lasting memories of the event – no matter the occasion.

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When she’s at corporate events, Ruby is known to cover the following topics:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Great British Bake Off
  • British Cuisine
  • Baking & Patisserie