Ruben Carol

Actor, Facilitator & Leading Speaker

Ruben Carol is a 50 year old, American/Cuban. He is originally from Los Angeles where he studied acting for two years.

He speaks English with an American accent, and is fluent in Spanish. He is also a left-leg amputee, for his mobility he uses ether crutches or a wheelchair.

He is a trained facilitator meaning he is able to guide and manage a group event to ensure the groups objectives are met effectively.

He specialises in equality and diversity, with his own disability he believes it brings another dimension to the training.

A leading after dinner speaker and event host, Ruben Carol brings the charisma and motivation that has allowed him to be successful, to your event. One of the most sought-after personalitys there is, Carol draws upon a wealth of experience, success and the attitude that has allowed him to be such a successful person.

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