Cerrie Burnell


Meet Cerrie Burnell; a popular and instantly recognisable English actress that has appeared in Doctors, a singer, playwright, children’s author, and former television presenter for the BBC children’s channel CBeebies. An inspiration and role model for people around the world, Burnell was born with a disability as she was born with a right arm that ended just below the elbow. Not one to allow her seeming limitations to hold her back, despite Cerrie’s appearance as a presenter on CBeebies initially being met with controversy, Burnell has firmly established herself as one of the most renowned, respected and accomplished children’s presenters in the UK. An inspiring and motivating personality that is able to hire as a speaker or host for events, dinners and functions across the UK through the Champions Speakers agency.

Never one to shy away from her disability, despite her parents encouraging Cerrie to wear a prosthetic arm, Cerrie Burnell was determined to be herself and be proud of who she was as she abandoned the prosthetic altogether aged just nine. An adventurous young lady, Cerrie Burnell certainly did not allow her disability to hamper her from doing what she wanted, including sports, swimming, windsurfing, singing in the choir or joining the Army cadets. Unable to read until she reached the age of 10, Cerrie Burnell was also diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and combated her learning difficulties through extra tuition and the Letterland system before working as a hotel chambermaid during summers during her teenage years. A passionate explorer that takes huge interest in other cultures, during her younger years, Cerrie also travelled the world and worked in a leprosy clinic in India as well as volunteering in Brazil, two experiences she discusses when hired through the Champions Speakers agency.

Studying acting at the Manchester Metropolitan University, Cerrie Burnell went on to perform at theatres across the UK where her natural talent shone through to see her receive favourable reviews. Burnell was also a member of National Youth Theatre and has appeared in UK television parts in Holby City, EastEnders, Grange Hill, The Bill, and Comedy Lab which have led to her popularity and recognisability growing exponentially.

The author of Winged – A Fairytale, Burnell has also starred in The First to Go by Nabil Shaban, about the Disabled Holocaust in Nazi Germany where she played the part of Brunhilde. Alongside her distinguished work within acting, Cerrie Burnell has also worked as a teaching assistant in a special needs school. Following her career on stage, Burnell joined the CBeebies‘ presentation department in 2009 as a continuity presenter for Discover and Do and The Bedtime Hour before going on to be a headline presenter for the channel up until 2017. Appearing in Doctors in 2018, Cerrie Burnell is an exceptional actress, author and CBeebies presenter that is able to hire as a motivational speaker or event host for functions across the UK through the Champions Speakers agency.

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When at corporate events, Cerrie is known to cover the following topics:

  • TV Actress
  • Disability and Prejudice
  • Director Of Suzanne Collins Academy Of Dance
  • TV Presenter & Broadcasting