Technology has developed incredibly over the past few decades with the evolution of the internet, self-driving cars, hover boards, social media advances and 3D printing just to name a few. It makes us question what could possibly be improved and what is the future of technology?

People are forever finding new ways to make everything available on demand, with successful examples such as Uber, an application which allows you to book a taxi with your phone and pre-pay for the service cutting out the complications. Another prominent example is Deliveroo they allow you order food from local restaurants delivering it to you with a quick and efficient service. With people realising the potential in this market it’s hard to predict the next big thing!

IoT & Smart Home Tech

The Internet of Things and Smart Home Tech have been a hot topic for a while now, despite this, we’ve not seen as much progression into this area. We aren’t living in complete smart homes however things are being created to improve your home experience, making it modern and simplistic.

They add a touch of style whilst serving a productive purpose. Phillips currently offer smart bulbs which can change colour and be turned on and off via your mobile device, as well as being stylish and fun these bulbs will also save energy. Another helpful product is the Nest Smart Thermostat, it intelligently learns your families routines automatically adapting the temperature. It can be controlled from a mobile device allowing you to schedule when you want the heating on saving you money on your bill.

Recently we have been introduced to home assistant’s such as the Amazon Echo, the device allows you to interact with it asking what the weather is to playing your favourite playlist, combine this technology with the others mentioned and you’re on your way for the full smart home experience.


Virtual Reality headsets have evolved over recent years with Playstation releasing their own headset to accompany the console and competing with headsets like the Oculus Rift. Virtual Reality makes the user feel as though they’re in the computer-created environment even looking like a real life situation. It isn’t just used for gaming, it can also be used to create art or be used by professionals as a simulator.

Augmented Reality is becoming more available with the development of apps that interact with the real world. A popular example of this is Pokemon Go which was released in July 2016 on this app you play the game using the camera, the Pokemon will show up as though they’re in front of you. Another relevant example is Snapchat‘s filters which adapt your face and the world around you through your camera.

Other Augmented reality apps have been developed allowing you to measure distance through your phone’s camera. Leading furniture retailer IKEA has developed an app allowing you to place furniture in your room to see if it’s for you.

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