Sport not only evokes a plethora of emotions, it also entertains and educates through the lessons learned from games that can be transferred to everyday life. Requiring patience, hard work, consistency and dedication along with things such as dealing with pressure and teamwork, at the Champions Speakers agency in addition to what has been mentioned we are aware that sports personalities can also motivate and inspire students when they are hired as guest sports speakers for universities.

Able to speak at lectures, seminars and conferences alike, our guests sports speakers will share their personal stories and journeys to inspire and motivate students with their compelling tales which has included dealing with adversity, attaining peak performance and maximising success while maintaining a determination to fulfil potential.

At the Champions Speakers agency a number of our guest sports speakers for universities have also excelled as leaders whether working as captains or managers allowing them to share vital leadership and management advice to students that they can implement in their careers going forward. With an emphasis on continued growth and development within universities much like there is in sport, our speakers make the perfect accompaniment to lectures.

If you are looking for a sporting legend or icon to inspire and motivate students to fulfil their potential then be sure to have a look at the guest sports speakers for universities that are available to hire on our books and don’t hesitate to get in touch to enquire about their availability through our online form or on 0207 1010 553 where our dedicated Champions Speakers Agency team will be delighted to provide further information and answers to your questions.



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jose mourinho
Jose Mourinho
rebecca adlington
Rebecca Adlington
Mary Rhodes
gary newbon
Gary Newbon
Martin O’Neill
Martin O'Neill
hayley mcqueen
Hayley McQueen
aitor karanka
Aitor Karanka
Rachel Wyse
Sport can teach people so much about themselves and humanity in general making the Champions Speakers agency's guest sports speakers for universities the ideal personalities to motivate, inspire, educate and inform students through personal tales garnered from successful careers within sport.
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