Danny Crates


Danny Crates is a former Paralympic Games gold medalist and previous world record holder for 800m, he is now enjoying time as a motivational speaker where he provides some of the most inspiring stories you’re ever likely to hear. A man of many talents, Crates is also a qualified driving instructor and he played very competitive rugby.

Crates has had to overcome many challenges in life, despite losing his right arm when he was younger, Crates hasn’t allowed this to stop him from having a huge impact on British athletics and being a truly inspirational figure. Danny Crates first competed in the Paralympics in 2000 where he won a bronze medal in the 400m competition.

Crates continued to grow his career as a Paralympian and returned for the 2004 games in Athens, against all odds, he won a gold medal in the 800m and a hero was born. Later that year, Crates broke the world record in the 800m and continued to win events across the world. Crates eventually competed in a number of Paralympic Games, World Cups and other global events and ended up winning a number of medals. Crates eventually retired from athletics in 2009 and ended a hugely successful career with 11 gold medals and countless bronze and silver medals. This was a fantastic achievement from a man who showed that, even with huge obstacles in life, you can still succeed and become an inspirational figure.

He was an integral part of the 2012 London Paralympic Games coverage in London, he worked on the Channel 4 commentary team and provide compelling commentary throughout the tournament. After a successful career in athletics, Crates has released an autobiography called Danny Boy, he reflects on his athletics career and much more throughout the book. Crates now is often seen as a reporter for the BBC’s show Food: Truth or Scare, he has fantastic presenting skills and this is portrayed through his time as a motivational speaker.

As a motivational speaker, Crates often discusses his athletics career but mainly focuses on overcoming adversity and overcoming challenges. Crates also discusses maximising success and the importance of self-belief and peak performance. Crates is a confident man who was magnificent presenting skills, his ability to speak to audiences of any size allows him to provide incredible motivational speeches.

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When at corporate events, Crates tends to discuss the following topics:

  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Maximising Success
  • Achieving Goals
  • Sporting Success
  • Drive & Determination
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Dealing with Setbacks

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“Be Inspired!! Danny was inspirational. Whether talking to children or presenting to adults he had the audience riveted, and we have already received a number of requests from other organisations keen to work with him.” – Bob Diamond, Medway 2012 Manager

“Danny Crates simultaneously charmed and inspired our audience by sharing with us the seriousness of his tenacity and will to succeed with sparkle and a terrific sense of humour! He is an inspiring and professional speaker and shows great intuition in matching the environment as a speaker. He has a wonderful personality that comes through during his speech and his contact with the audience following the speech. Feedback from our participants was overwhelmingly positive!” –Brydie Lear, GOLD (Global Organisational Leadership development) Program Coordinator, Atos Origin International BV

“Danny always presents a very positive picture of competing at international level, and captures the audience throughout the presentation with strong messages about participation in sport. He is always well prepared for each event and can be flexible and adaptable if needed. His content and delivery are always excellent and we will be using him again!”  –Russell Everard, Braintree District Council

“Danny Crates – great! Worth the whole day. Please find more like this – not education, just pure inspiration – superb!!” – Essex Primary Headteachers Association

“Danny was a reliable, honest interesting and truly inspirational speaker who engaged the audience with humour, while delivering the messages we asked of him. Great person to have at any event we would certainly recommend him to anyone.” – The Chelmsford Partnership

“The event went well thank you and Danny was superb.  Had some really nice feedback from parents. He really was perfect for our evening so many thanks to him and yourself for recommending. Look forward to booking someone again next year.” – Matt, Robert May’s School