Adrian Newey OBE

Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull Racing F1 Team

Dubbed one of the most successful designers in F1 history, Adrian Newey is the current Chief Technical Officer of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team. A stand-out figure within the motor racing industry, Newey is a fan favourite for attending corporate events and conferences to reflect upon his impressive career serving for teams including such as Williams and McLaren.

After leaving the University of Southampton with a first-class honours degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Adrian began working with Brazilian based team, Fittipaldi, before joining March Engineering where he discovered his passion for designing racing cars. The man behind the March GTP, Adrian managed to create a car that won the IMSA GTP for two consecutive years. Taking his passion to the March IndyCar project in 1984, he managed to formulate the March 85C car that would take the 1985 CART title and the 86C car that came first at the 1986 CART series.

Entering the world of Formula One in 1987 when he was re-hired by March, Newey’s debut F1 design came when he finished the 1988 March 881. As March turned into Leyton House Racing in 1990, Adrian’s performance became recognised with a promotion to become the technical director. Moving to work for Williams in 1991, he managed to establish himself as a pivotal member of the team with his FW14 chassis being comparable to the work of top tier team, McLaren in which he moved to in 1997.

Having joined his current team in 2006, it’s evident that Adrian has made a huge impact at Red Bull Racing. The designer of the 2009 car that secured a one-two finish in both Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, as well as a victory for Sebastian Vettel at the British Grand Prix and a whole host of other victories throughout the season, Adrian’s skill very quickly became evident to F1 fans. With some of his most recent successes including providing the 2011 RB7 that crowned Vettel the youngest double champion in F1 history and designing a series of RB cars that won the F1 World Constructors’ Championships for four years consecutively from 2010 to 2013, it’s clear that Adrian still stands as one of the most prominent names in motorsport.

The name behind a multitude of F1 drivers’ successes, Adrian often focuses on the importance of assisting victory in his after-dinner speeches. Also reflecting on some of his most insightful career anecdotes, Newey touches on topics including performing under pressure and maintaining mental resilience in which he is able to relate to corporate businesses of all sizes.

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When at corporate events, Adrian is known to cover the following topics:

  • Formula One Racing
  • Red Bull Racing F1 Team
  • Formula One Engineering
  • F1 Technical Design
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

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