Adrian Newey OBE

British F1 Engineer

Adrian Newey OBE is a former F1 Racing driver. Newey has placed first in more races than any formula One racing driver to date making him an exceptionally talented driver with years of experience. Adrian has raced for some profound teams such as Williams Williams from 1991-1996 and McLaren from 1997-2005 this gave him the experience and reputation he needed to become a member of the Red Bull Racing Team from 2006 where he remains today.

Throughout his 30 year long career he has raced against the likes of Damon Hill, Sebastian Vettel and Mika Hakkinen. However Adrian didn’t stop there, He is looked too as one of the most talented engineers within the sport working closely with Red Bull Racing in which he designed the 2009 car. This car lead to massive changes within the Red Bull team as the performance was enhanced to the benefit of the drivers resulting in multiple wins that season.

Adrian Newey OBE has worked for many teams as a chief designer including McLaren, Williams and his existing team Red Bull. This is an incredible achievement not to mention the incredible career he had racing. Adrian is also a well devoted team player who even looks at how to improve the communications within the team so everyone understands their role, purpose and has a goal to achieve.

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When at coprorate events, Adrian is known to cover the following topics:

  • Formula One Racing
  • Formula One Engineering
  • Formula One Speaker