Rodney Hogg


Rodney Hogg is a cricket speaker known for his time spent playing for various Australian teams, originally born in Richmond in 1951 Hogg debuted at Northcote Cricket Club aged just sixteen. Now a world renowned sports speaker, Hogg is known as one of the most high profile cricketers in Australian history.

Playing alongside fellow Aussie cricket speakers and legends such as Froggy Thomson, Max Walker and Alan Hurst Hogg, Rodney Hogg became a national favourite after his performance in the 1978/79 Ashes Series. He finished with an impressive 41 wickets. When asked to recount the highlights of his career as a cricket speaker, Hogg often references the “Hoggie, Hoggie, Hoggie!” chant that would run through crowds during the game.

Returning to Victoria in the 1980’s Rodney Hogg was made Test vice-captain following Kim Hughes’ resignation during the summer. He continued to play for various Australian teams for the next five years with great success until his retirement in 1991. After retiring Rodney did not stray from the sport he loved and became a popular sports speaker, pundit and commentator full time.

Rodney continues to commentate for several high profile Australian television and radio stations and spent some time as Strategy and Fast Bowling Coach for Victorian Cricket. However, Rodney’s main commitments are now as a dedicated cricket speaker, appearing at specialist sports events and being called upon to discuss the progress of contemporary Test cricket.

With a great sense of humour and fascinating collection of stories and anecdotes Rodney Hogg is a popular choice of sports speaker, in his own words: “I was there for the 500 to one, I was there for the 43 cans, I was there for the underarm, I was there for the aluminium bat”, it is clear that Hoggie is the ideal cricket speaker for any enthusiast!

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When at corporate events, Rodney is known to cover the following topics:

  • Sporting Success
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance
  • Cricket Speaker
  • International Cricket
  • Australian Cricket