Robin Smith


South African cricket speaker and player Robin Smith is better known by some as the Judge, he played for England from the mid-1980s. Due to apartheid restrictions he was unable to compete in his home country, but with British born parents Robin Smith qualified for the England team as well as playing for several domestic teams.

Having spent more than twenty years playing for the British domestic side, Hampshire, Robin was their most successful batsman from 1982 until 2005. Although he stopped playing in 2003 his records were not surpassed for another two years. Making his debut for England in 1988, Robin quickly became known for his abilities against fast bowling and was an asset to the team. He continued to represent England in 62 test matches and 71 one day internationals, often leading England to great success.

At the peak of his career, Robin Smith achieved impressive results on the pitch for England and Hampshire. Playing against the West Indies in Antigua, he scored his highest test score of 175, in the same match, he was labeled as a courageous player as he continued through injuries from the game. In 1993 at Edgebaston he scored 167 not out against Australia, which was the highest score made by an English batsman in an ODI. The ICC’s historical ranking of best batsmen places him 77th greatest in the world.

Since retiring in 2003 Robin has become a dedicated sports speaker and tours the UK sharing his experiences from within the world of cricket and commenting on what remains one of the world’s most popular sports. Focused on giving back to the sport that gave so much to him, Robin now runs his own coaching academy for aspiring cricketers in Australia.

Unfortunately, he began to suffer from depression as life after sport became an unfillable void, however, he overcame his battles and released a book titled ‘The Judge’ in a bid to share his experience. From Swinburne University he also obtained a degree in psychological studies, which was a huge milestone in his recovery.

Remembered as one of the club’s most successful players Smith continues to draw a crowd to his appearances and garners much recognition for his work as both a sports speaker and cricketer. Sharing his life from a successful cricket star to the struggling former sportsman, Smith offers a humbling and honest talk on professional cricket, mental health and the road to recovery.

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When at corporate events, Robin is known to cover the following topics:

  • Cricket Speaker
  • International Cricket
  • Sporting Success
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance
  • Overcoming Adversity

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