Tyson Fury


British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury is a world renowned sports speaker and former heavyweight champion of both Britain and the Commonwealth. Beginning his professional boxing career in 2008 Tyson comes from a long line of boxers and bare knuckle fighters, of Irish Traveller descent Tyson Fury was named for the former world champion Mike Tyson. With boxing in his blood Tyson has grown up a passionate and dedicated athlete, both qualities which present themselves in his work as a boxing speaker – marking his ambition and the determination he has held from a young age.

Representing both England and Ireland at amateur level Tyson Fury initially fought out of The Holy Family Boxing Club in Ireland, however, he was unable to take part in the Irish National Championships after The Holy Trinity Boxing Club in Belfast contested the eligibility of his claim of Irish heritage. Fury was forced to unearth a detailed family history, however, during this time he was able to take part in the 2006 World Junior Championships where he won a bronze medal.

Unfazed by the bureaucratic problems Fury continued to work as a boxer and sports speaker in England, fighting as part of the Jimmy Egan Boxing Academy and taking part in both the senior national championships and the EU Junior Championships, the latter of which he won. The boxing speaker and fighter faced similar problems regarding his heritage when he applied to represent Ireland at the 2008 Olympic Games. Now a professional and with a world number three ranking Fury lost out on a place as England’s representative to fellow boxing speaker and heavyweight David Price and, despite his best efforts, was unable to qualify to represent Ireland because of the uncertainty regarding his heritage.

Despite his Olympic disappointment in the months that followed Fury garnered a number of high profile wins against veteran European boxers such as Daniil Peretyatko, Marcel Zeller and Matthew Ellis. Fury continued unbeaten through 2009 when he faced fellow Irish boxing speaker Scott Belshaw and went on to compete against unbeaten American boxer Zack Page and unbeaten Brazilian Marcelo Luiz Nascimento, becoming victorious over both. Finally, in 2011 Tyson Fury won the title of British Heavyweight Champion after he beat the highly regarded and unbeaten Dereck Chisora. More recently Fury has not attempted to hold his British or Commonwealth titles, focusing instead on garnering a world title.

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When at corporate events, Tyson is known to cover the following topics:

  • British Boxing
  • Heavyweight Boxing
  • Sporting Success
  • Overcoming Adversity