What Is A Keynote Speaker, Exactly?

If you are wondering what a keynote speaker is, what they do and what they can add to a conference, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we explore the whats, the whys and the hows to ensure you leave with a better understanding of the meaning of keynote speaker and the qualities they can bring to corporate functions.

Keynote Speaker Meaning

The role of a keynote speaker is to feature as the headline speaker at an event. Able to invigorate an audience and deliver an engaging speech focusing on the topics established in a client brief, they are a proponent of the field where they have excelled and gained significant experience. A keynote speaker can masterfully demonstrate the skill set that has led to their reputation as a thought-leader in their area of expertise. They can present information in a unique way, allowing audiences to view a subject in a different light.

Ensuring corporate audiences are left inspired, entertained and educated on the subject matter is a prerequisite of any keynote speaker’s repertoire. Knowing their industry inside-out, they combine concise points with anecdotes relating to their personal journey to arrive at an end goal set out by the event organiser. Keynote and conference speakers are quick to command an audience with credible answers to burning questions, engaging audiences with new information and reinforcement of best practices in order to benefit the work and life of any individual. Opening up doors for innovation, expert speakers can make for an insightful addition to any private, educational, organisational or business convention. You can see more benefits of booking a keynote speaker here.

What is the Difference Between a Guest Speaker & a Keynote Speaker?

While a conference may feature an array of guest speakers, your keynote speaker is the figurehead, the main event, the headline act. They are a distinguished speaker able to address the key themes of your conference, as well as weigh in on the topics and trends therein.

Of course, a speaker can be both, the difference lies in the role discussed prior to the event. Ordinarily, a keynote speaker will be told the topic, theme and insight that they are being paid to share while a guest speaker may be given more freedom to share their own story. A keynote speech though should present a fine balance between the speaker’s own experiences and the context of the event, to ensure the information gained at the conference is relevant, authoritative and dependable.

What Makes a Good Keynote Speech?

A good keynote speech allows audiences to take home a world of understanding not previously attained elsewhere. Appealing to guests’ imagination and intellect in equal measure, a keynote speaker ensures guests are able to find solutions and arrive at conclusions, as well as broaden their outlook. Delivering a finetuned keynote speech, focusing on the substance behind the speaker’s success, an expert from the worlds of business, enterprise, politics, sport, exploration and more can advance the delivery of an event with ease.

The best speakers in the world draw on a wide base of knowledge in their area, as well as their unique perspective to better the outcome of any conference or corporate event. Inspiring all in attendance with passion, drive and determination, a great keynote presentation offers unparalleled authenticity.

How Do You Introduce a Keynote Speaker?

Ideally, an introduction should be used to heighten excitement and prove the credentials of the keynote speaker in question before they take to the stage. Introducing the lead presentation should be concise and serve to ramp up anticipation for the main event. It is important not to linger to long, but long enough to give lead the crowd into a rapturous ovation as they come to the fore. See our blog for more information on how to introduce a keynote speaker.

100s of World-Class Keynote Speakers Available

Hundreds of talented thought-leaders are able to speak on a range of topics at events. As an award-winning keynote speaker agency, we have helped source speakers for blue-chip company conferences, international summits, forums, launches, lectures, gala dinners and more in 43 countries around the world.

There are many benefits to booking with a speakers agency – just ask our clients. Working to deliver over 3000 speakers for events every year, the recommendations of our team can prove essential to finding the right keynote speaker for any event.

Our website makes searching via name and category easy, so finding the perfect speaker for any event is no longer a tall order. Here are three of the best to whet the appetite:

Rita Clifton

Commonly referred to as the ‘queen of branding’ few speakers offer such a comprehensive overview of branding. Having chaired global brand consultancy, Interbrand UK for 13 years, Rita Clifton is currently the President of the Market Research Society proving that when it comes to all things brand-related, Rita is the UK’s undisputed thought-leader.

Steve Wozniak

Renowned globally as the co-founder, engineer, inventor and innovator behind the first Apple computer, as well as later creations, Steve Wozniak is arguably the biggest name in technology. Alongside Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak would turn Apple from a small business specialising in making circuit boards in Jobs’ garage to an international powerhouse, paving the way for the personal computers and smartphones that we know today. Inducted into the National Hall of Fame and featuring in Richtopia‘s list of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs – Steve Wozniak is without a doubt one of the most important technology experts of our time.

Piers Linney

Former Dragon’s Den investor, the main brand director at the British Business Bank and pioneer of cloud-based services, Piers Linney is an ideal speaker for delivering a keynote address focusing on business management, scaling up and digital development. Providing integral insight into future trends, as well as all things business, Piers reinforced his reputation as a worldly investor when he invested in Wonderbly which later became the number one business in The Sunday TimesTech Track 100 in 2018.

We hope you now better understand the meaning of keynote speakers. If you have any further questions in this area or wish to book a keynote speaker for your corporate function, conference, trade show, summit or private event, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing agent@championsukplc.com or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

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