What Do Political Speakers Think Of Brexit?

The political climate is confusing and frustrating, with both sides of the Brexit argument begging for someone to do something. To shine a light on the debate, here are some political speakers who, though they have differing opinions, are passionate about what they believe in.

If, like the rest of the world, you don’t fully know what the EU is, here is an unbiased video presenting the pros and cons of the political and economic entity:

Robert Peston – Remain

Robert Peston is a prominent voice in political journalism, often favouring the brutal truth as opposed to self-indulgent beliefs. However, when it comes to Brexit, Robert makes his opinion very clear; the UK economy will be worse off under Brexit. Despite spending nine years at the BBC, Robert was very vocal about their portrayal of Brexit, believing that they spent too much time pitting people with drastically different opinions against each other rather than helping their listeners to assess “which one was the loony and which one was the genius”. Furthermore, in the aftermath of Brexit, Robert released his book, WTF, a chronicle of the public’s rebellion against politics.

Nigel Farage – Leave

If you were to think of Brexit, Nigel Farage would surely spring to mind. The enigmatic leader drastically splits opinions, arguably separating the UK by class and race. For many, Nigel Farage is the determined British nationalist the country needs, for others, he is simply a racist with a platform. No matter your opinions one thing’s for sure, Nigel is all for Brexit. With his political party, The Brexit Party, Nigel believes that Britain needs to take back control of their own laws, borders and cultural values, despite the economic risk and end to free movement. Nigel’s views are passionate, radical and unapologetically pro-Brexit.

Rt. Hon Kenneth Clarke MP – Remain

Kenneth Clarke understands politics more than anyone on this list. Working within the political sphere since 1970, under Prime Ministers like Margaret Thatcher, Kenneth is an unlikely face in the Remain movement. Kenneth is loyal to the EU and publicly backs the Custom Union, however, he is a balanced voice of the pros and cons of both sides of the argument. Speaking openly, Kenneth admits that if there is no chance of reversing Article 50, then he is fully committed to reducing the damage Brexit could cause. With his knowledge of politics, it is no surprise that Kenneth favours a “soft Brexit” as opposed to a no deal; he is a mediatory voice to offer an alternative to the Brexit deadlock.

Jacob Rees Mogg – Leave

Chairman of the Eurosceptic MPs, Jacob Mogg is firm in his beliefs that 51% of the British public didn’t vote for a deal to be made, they voted to leave the EU. Similarly to other Brexiteers, Jacob believes that Britain will be better off if MPs agree to a “no deal” Brexit, and a “no deal” Brexit only. With the intention of starting afresh economically, Jacob proposes alternative options for trade deals and suggests that all age groups, from students to retirees, would benefit from a hard Brexit. There is one thing that both Leavers and Remainers agree on – Theresa May’s Brexit deal isn’t good enough, and Jacob’s voice is the loudest of them all.

Michel Barnier – Remain

Michel Barnier is the head negotiator for the 500 Million EU citizens, and an active player in the outcome of the Brexit conundrum. Though he leans more towards Britain and the EU maintaining a close relationship, Michel’s main prerogative is to guarantee a positive outcome for the citizens of Europe, even if that means infuriating some MPs. For example, Michel has openly stated that he actively opposes the UK leaving without a deal, combating Jacob Mogg’s “no-deal” objective. Michel splits opinions, with many viewing him as a detriment to Britain’s future whilst others believe that he can guarantee the quality of life Europe is used to.

Michael Gove – Leave

Taking a hard stance in favour of Brexit, Michael Gove regularly criticises Labour’s lack of “backbone” over Brexit. Cabinet minister and Vote Leave co-chair, the MP believes that Britain’s economic power and national security will improve if we leave the EU, stating that it is the people of Britain and not the European Union that maintains the economy – however, many Economists disagree, suggesting quite the opposite. Michael is openly sceptical about such claims, consistently denouncing his association with the single market and customs union as he believes that it limits our ability to globally trade. Ultimately, Michael opposes the second referendum, claiming that the vote, which was separated by only 3%, was clear.

Ann Pettifor – Remain

Describing Brexit as a “reckless economic experiment”, Ann Pettifor is an economic expert. With her years of experience, through such financial turmoil as the 2008 economic crisis, Ann has a vast understanding of what leaving the EU, especially with a “no-deal”, means for the UK. Speaking in many interviews over the last three years, she has openly backed the EU’s vision of peace and economic prosperity, however, she isn’t blind to the EU’s downfalls. Ultimately, Ann prioritises the financial wellbeing of the United Kingdom. Despite the consistent rumours spread by many Brexiteers, Ann firmly denies that the UK will adopt the Euro should they remain and passionately believes that the economy will suffer if we leave.

Dominic Cummings – Leave

Creator of the controversial bus-side slogan about spending £350m-a-week extra on the NHS, Dominic Cummings is a passionate Brexiteer who has boldly stated that the British Government had “irretrievably botched” the Brexit process. Dominic’s main issue with Theresa May revolved around her lack of preparation before revoking Article 50, claiming her promise of frictionless trade deals and no change to the Irish border was “logically, legally and practically incompatible”.Though he shares the opinion of many Remainers that Brexit so far has been a “train wreck”, he is passionate in his stance that Britain needs to leave the EU.

Alistair Campbell – Remain

Alistair Campbell is one of the leading supporter of the People’s Vote, a march that took place outside of Westminster’s and garnered support from over 700,000 people. In a number of his fiery interviews, Alistair confronts Brexiteers like Nigel Farage about the argued lies Nigel spread in order to sway the vote in 2016 – including the bus slogan created by aforementioned Dominic Cummings. In his passionate speeches, Alistair calls out Theresa May’s lack of acknowledgement for the People’s Vote, favouring instead to repeatedly rely on the problematic 2016 vote result. Ultimately, Alistair is passionate about remaining in the EU and giving the British public a chance to make a more informed second vote.

Suzanne Evans – Leave

Board member of Vote Leave and former Deputy Chairman of UKIP, Suzanne Evans has one goal – for the UK to leave the EU without a deal. Warning that Britain will “pay the price” if we don’t leave the EU, Suzanne passionately denies polls that suggest many voters in 2016 didn’t know that Brexit meant leaving the single market or customs union. Susanne’s main rhetoric is that Remainers are purposefully trying to make Brexit as difficult as possible for their own personal gain, rather than “looking at the numbers”. Ultimately, Suzanne believes that Brexit has devolved into “political correctness has gone mad”.

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