STEM Is The Future, And These Speakers Are At The Forefront

STEM, otherwise known as science technology engineering and math, is a field of study that has exploded in both importance and popularity. The group of academic and industrial disciplines is the backbone of modern innovation, with countless new advancements being attributed to the research from leading STEM experts. STEM keynote speakers devote their career to inspiring students, business owners and the general public, to pursue STEM in higher education.

The following are STEM speakers at the forefront of their sectors, who are spearheading advancements in science, technology, engineering and math. A role model to young people, their professional development within the STEM industry is a key topic in their public presentations.


From biology and ecology to chemistry and physics, the landscape of science is vast and ever-evolving. With the earliest recorded evidence of science being traced back to 3500 to 3000 BCE, during the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia era, scientific discoveries continue to influence all areas of modern life. The study of science branches into three main areas – natural science, social science and formal science – which explore both social constructs and biology.

Angela Lamont

Female STEM speaker, Angela Lamont, is a popular media presenter and science expert, who has dedicated her career to making STEM subjects more accessible to the everyday person. A Systems Analyst graduate, she pioneered the Science-With-A-Smile programmes that have become immensely popular nationwide. The event is famed for its quirky humour and eloquent discussion of complex subjects, showcasing Angela as a confident public speaker. Angela has received critical acclaim for her shows, even winning a BAFTA and an RTS award for The Physical World, a show which brought the study of science to the masses.


From scientific investigation to the production of products, technology has become an integral aspect of modern life. With a combination of knowledge, research, evaluation and improvement, technological systems create the foundation for the 21st century. Advancements have improved medicine, economics, education, transport and more, making technological experts key figures in our futures.

Jamie Woodruff – Technology Speaker

Jamie Woodruff is not your typical hacker – he is an ethical hacker. Considered to be a cybersecurity expert, his work is most prevalent during the month of October, which is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Jamie has the power to change his audience’s perspective, influencing the decisions they make online thanks to his insight into malicious attacks. With qualifications in Penetration Testing, his first-hand experience of hacking networks, computers and servers increases the authenticity of his cybersecurity strategies. Jamie has extensive knowledge of cyber weaknesses, making him a key speaker for businesses who wish to improve their defences.


Engineering puts the study of science, technology and math into practice. Defining the process of designing everything from buildings to machines, the industry spans across a number of sectors. Since humans have designed inventions, engineering has been a key field of study, dating back to the 1390s. Engineering is a broad term which covers chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical manufacturing.

Kate Bellingham

One of the most celebrated women in STEM, Kate Bellingham is a former audio engineer. With a passion for inspiring an interest in the sector, she was the President of the Young Engineers, a programme within schools funded by the BBC, that promoted the study of science and engineering. Additionally, this engineering speaker was also a National STEM Careers Coordinator for the Department of Children, Schools and Families in 2010, a role in which she encouraged young people to pursue STEM, despite their age, race or gender. As a speaker, Kate is an advocate for girls in engineering.


Similarly to the study of science, mathematics has been a core subject for centuries. Used to define the study of algebra, number theory, geometry and mathematical analysis, mathematics is concerned with the repetition of patterns. Math experts can devise predictions from calculations, which is used to ensure the structural integrity of buildings and investigate phenomenons in nature.

Marcus Du Sautoy

As a Professor of Maths at Oxford University, Marcus Du Sautoy is considered to be a leading expert in mathematics. Having been awarded a Title of Distinction in 1996, Marcus’ ongoing dedication to the math leaders of the future makes him an inspiring mathematics speaker. Marcus is passionate about making mathematics more accessible to the public, believing that everyone is capable of not just understanding the subject, but using it to benefit their own lives. Having published a number of academic works, including The Num8er My5teries, which explore the use of statistics in business, mathematical inventions and the secrets of the internet – topics which he discusses further in his speeches.

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