Speaker Spotlight: The Mind-Boggling Experiences of Global Adventurer Bear Grylls

Beginning his birthday celebrations in true Bear Grylls style, he Tweeted the ‘wise words’ of Chris Pratt, reminding us to “never stop believing”. We take a look at the Birthday boy’s incredible journey so far, as one of the world’s most treasured adventurers and presenters.

Pre TV

Bear’s father, a former Royal Marines Commando helped cultivate his obsession with exploration from an early age. He would regularly be found climbing and sailing alongside his father and joined the cub scouts in 1982.

1994 saw him take his first steps as a Trooper as a UK Special Forces Reserve. There he would learn the combat survival techniques that he is so renowned for today.

In 1998, at just 23 years old, Bear summited Mt Everest, becoming one of the youngest Brits ever to complete the feat, a year after climbing ‘unclimbable’ mountain, Ama Dablam. His penchant for adventure never went away, and he would guide a team around the British Isles on Jetskis to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 2000.

Showing himself to be a born leader, as well as a driven and determined personality, for which no adventure was too great, he embarked on a 3500-mile journey across the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean in an inflatable boat, this time in aid of the Prince’s Trust in 2001.

2005 saw Bear enter the World Record books, supporting the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award when he hosted the highest open-air formal dinner party, at 25,000 ft, suspended from a hot air balloon.

Becoming a Prime-Time Presenter

Next, in Bear’s journey, he would prove himself as one of the most inspiring and adventurous television presenters of our time, entertaining audiences with his expert ability to survive the harshest terrain on planet Earth.

Man Vs Wild

The highly-acclaimed Discovery Channel documentary has seen Bear take on challenges while ‘stranding himself’ in barely hospitable conditions, giving viewers practical advice on how to survive the wilderness. The series spanned seven seasons between 2006 and 2011, with the show returning to our screens with season 8 due to be broadcast in 2020. On the show, Bear can be found tackling quicksand, evading grizzly bears, navigating jungles, deserts and glaciers. The pioneering series has consistently gained top reviews.

Wild Weekends

Another fascinating addition to his TV CV, Wild Weekends saw Bear take celebrities such as Miranda Hart and Stephen Fry on mini-adventures around the world, taking in mountain ranges, jungles and more.

Running Wild

Running Wild is the US equivalent of the hit show, Wild Weekends. First aired in 2014, It saw him journey with superstars across the pond, including Zac Efron, Kate Winslet, Michael Jordan, Courtney Cox, Roger Federer and even the serving President, Barack Obama in 2015 for a climate change chat in the Alaskan wilderness. The fifth season is due to air in November 2019.

Escape From Hell

In yet another remarkable series, Bear replicated the situations and stories of survivors who have escaped unscathed from some of the most hellish circumstances. He follows the journeys of those people into African Canyons, the Alpines, the Guatemalan jungle and the Sahara Desert.

The Island

Channel 4‘s The Island follows a group of men and a group of women as they battle the environment, exhaustion, starvation and often each other in a bid to survive life on an island in the Pacific. A monumental task for those involved, the show is set to return with a rebrand, Treasure Island in 2019 – and this time money is at stake.

Ahead of Treasure Island‘s release Bear Grylls said:

“This radical new twist on the Island experience will test whether human nature really is ruled by the quest for financial gain, or whether co-operation and altruism in the face of adversity can bring their own reward.”

The Youngest Chief Scout Since Baden Powell

Bear was appointed as the youngest Chief Scout since Robert Baden Powell when he took the position of leadership at the age of 34 in 2009. He also remains an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and Global Angels.

A Memorable Motivational Speaker

From his death-defying jaunts in the mountains, his near misses and accidents through to his in-depth know-how on all things survival, Bear Grylls is, without doubt, one of the most extraordinary speakers in the world. Offering a keynote presentation capable of raising anyone out of their seats, Bear is a pioneer, a visionary and a lesson on “never giving in”.

To the pioneering adventurer who has captured the imagination of people young and old throughout the world, the man for which exploration never stops. Happy Birthday, Bear!

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