London Formula One Grand Prix Moves Closer to Reality

The proposal of Formula One cars racing around the streets of London took a huge step closer to becoming reality this week. With plans of the 3.2 mile circuit being drawn up by F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, current racing superstars would fly along the Mall, shoot past Buckingham Palace and barrel through Parliament Square.

Using the new venue is expected to create well over £100 million in ticket revenues, but would however require an Act of Parliament to lift the 30 mile an hour speed limits and other safety laws during the event. Jenson Button, who has played a leading role in the push this project to become reality has said;

“When you really picture what it would look like it’s truly mind blowing. You could create such a unique grand prix through the streets of London – the roads are naturally very wide and long, so straightline speeds would be high, and you could create a real blend of corners. When you combine all of that with the world famous monuments that would feature in the backdrop you can see why it would be an awesome addition to the calendar.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has also expressed his support for the event, as long as pollution and noise intrusion are addressed, as well as the proposal of a good economic case being put forward.

Bernie Ecclestone believes a London race could become the most glamorous race of the calendar, creating an even more impressive spectacle than Monaco.

With 120,000 people filling grandstands and a potential television audience of 1 billion, it is another opportunity for Britain to showcase our ability to put on a great show and replicate the magic of the 2012 London Olympics.

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