Lizzy Yarnold Wins Skeleton Gold at Sochi

Lizzy Yarnold has won the first Gold medal for Team Great Britain at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Yarnold, who had barely heard of skeleton just five years ago, beat her closest rival Pikus-Pace by 0.97 seconds.

Lizzy seemed to take the event in her stride, showing to be not faltered by endless talk off track and the pressure of being the favourite of the event. Reaching speeds close to 80mph, Lizzy takes on an intense and highly focused alter-ego she calls ‘The Yarnold’, in order to achieve as perfect a run as possible.

Great Britain’s 2010 Winter Olympics Skeleton Gold medalist Amy Williams showed her confidence in Yarnold, who lives at the house owned by Amy nearby the sport’s high-performance hub in Bath.

“She is a big, strong girl and she is fast, which is great, but she is very good aerodynamically, she’s got great equipment, good coaches – it’s a great recipe. She ticks all the boxes.”

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