LADBible and The National Lottery appoint Champions for new major campaign

Since 2005, the National Lottery have given the public a say in how funding should be put to good use in their local area. This year they were back and better than ever, this time in collaboration with cultural phenomenon news outlet LADBible.

During the joint campaign, three charities were highlighted that offer exceptional services in the community. Champions was brought in to find and book the perfect celebrity partners to further highlight these worthwhile causes.

Haircuts for Homeless is a service that provides dignified makeovers to those most in need and as a result has been the recipient of some much-deserved funding. Pairing with rapper Akala , an outspoken social activist, to further highlight the cause, a short video was produced.

Other charities involved included Healing Through Horses: a cause that gets young people with social and physical disabilities riding, which was championed in the campaign by The Chases’ Anne Hegerty who herself has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Also featured was George the poet who writes modern day sonnets with social commentary. He worked on the campaign with Hero Jamming Station: a service that provides musical workshops for those suffering with social issues such as anxiety.