Why Are Inspirational Speakers So Effective? (6 Reasons To Book)

Individuals are not born with the ability to inspire, they learn through monitoring behaviour, learning and pushing their boundaries, what inspired them and ultimately what can inspire others. We take a look at the skillsets of the finest inspirational speakers around, and how they have helped people develop in their personal and professional lives.

1. Real-Life Stories

Stories make us take stock. We apply them to our own lives and experiences. Inspirational speakers will be aware of the stories they tell that make people feel something. They will have nurtured the narrative of these real-life moments to make it as if we were there. That is what makes an inspirational speech much more than simply words but an expression that provokes all manner of emotion.

2. Actionable Takeaways

actionable takeaways

In a world where we are concerned not only with keeping our team motivated but improving our employee’s authority on certain subjects – it is no surprise that the demand for actionable insight is through the roof. Choosing the right inspirational speakers can mean you tap into highly-sought information. But what is an actionable takeaway and how do you spot one? Actionable takeaways are a trend or an insight in a specialist area. It could be an almost inarguable reason for doing something or it could be a measurable idea proven to work.

3. On-Point Messaging

Similarly to a takeaway, a message is a speaker’s chance to drive the theme set out in your conference brief and gently or vigorously push that. Whether you wish for your speaker to discuss mental resilience with a focus on their own experience; peak performance, leadership, marginal gains and more – there are endless possibilities. More often than not a speaker will be happy to adapt their presentation to the message you wish to send.

4. A Source of Inspiration

Gail Emms

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Inspiration is not always so easy to find in our day to day. The role of inspirational speakers is to translate their own personal and professional journey into something that affects the lives of their audience. Some may be struggling to gain inspiration elsewhere and others may be proactive inspiration vacuums hoping to pick up any edge they can. Whatever your reasons for getting in touch with an inspirational speaker – there is no doubt about their ability to inspire.

5. A Projection of Passion

Passion is what makes the best inspirational speakers so captivating. One thing that is crystal clear when they take to the stage is their unwavering love of what they do every day. This passion can be infectious, and their relentless pursuit of success in their area of expertise can be crucial to inspiring new ways of thinking and igniting creativity. Their passion can be the catalyst for lightbulb moments priceless to you and your team.

6. Give Confidence to Strive for Better

It is not only an inspirational speaker’s own confidence that is easy to see during a speech, it is also their ability to encourage others to be more confident. Their own confidence begs the question for viewers; ‘what if I could do that?‘ and ‘what if I could speak like that?‘ When they realise they can – that is a dangerously good motivator.

Whatever your inspiration for wanting to book an inspirational speaker – whether it is aimed at personal, professional or team growth – there are thousands of incredible minds ready to share stories.

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