Five Quick Tricks To Keep Your Team Happy

In all businesses, it is important that people are happy and motivated within their work. If this is not the case, then it can have a detrimental effect on the entire business, which could have wide-reaching repercussions.

With this in mind, it is important to keep employees engaged and enjoying their work as much as possible. Here at the Champions Speakers agency, we know just how important this is and have provided a rundown of the best ways in which you can keep your team happy.

Offer Fun Incentives

staff incentives

There is no doubting that work is important, however people can only take so much before focusing solely on work becomes too much for them. If your team are becoming stressed or overworked, then the chances are they will also become less productive as a result.

One way to combat this is by offering incentives to your staff, rewards that they will earn if they meet certain targets or goals. Ensure these incentives involve the entire team, such as taking them out for a teambuilding day or social occasion. This will bring your entire team together, away from the work environment for an enjoyable experience. Following this, their return to the office should then leave them motivated and wanting to earn another incentive in the future.

Instil Praise When Necessary

staff praise

Everyone likes to be praised. Being told when you have done something well makes people want to have that feeling again, and therefore they are more likely to try and repeat this success which means working harder. This is a win-win for all involved, however you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Praising too often, or when it is not necessary, will take away its value and could see people become complacent in their work.

Set Targets

target setting

In general, people work better when they have something to strive towards. Rather than just monotonously doing the same work day-in, day-out, having targets to aim for makes people seem like they have something to work for. It is important that these targets are at the right level, something that is challenging whilst still being attainable.

A target that is too easy means that once people hit it, they could become demotivated to continue in the same manner. On the other hand, if the targets that are being set are too difficult, then people will become demoralised and their productivity will suffer as a result.

Maintain A Dialogue With Staff

staff dialogue

Communication is key in all workplaces, and so maintaining a constant dialogue between yourself and your staff is vital. If people have any concerns or problems, relating to work or otherwise, they need to feel like they are able to discuss this with you.

If not, these issues could begin to affect their performance at work. Therefore, ensure you are regularly checking in with your staff to check on their welfare, presenting yourself as both friendly and approachable.

Book An After Dinner Speaker

richard reed

Another way to keep employees happy is to hire an after dinner speaker. A famous or recognisable face who is able to entertain, inform and inspire, can make people want to make changes in their own lives.

Often these speakers have fascinating anecdotes which transcend their industry and are relevant to people from all walks of life. Just some of the excellent keynote speakers who the Champions Speakers agency can offer, include: Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Richard Reed, Ben Fogle and Sir Trevor McDonald.

To book a after dinner speaker, get in touch with the Champions Speakers agency by filling in our online contact form or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.