5 Must-Have Artificial Intelligence Speakers For Your Event

With technology advancing all the time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one area which is always continuing to progress. The last year has seen some significant developments in the area with the first ever robot being granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia, Google’s AlphaGo Zero working out how to play chess and Microsoft’s systems beating humans in a reading test.

Here at Champions Speakers, we are well aware that the world of AI looks set to play a big role in the future and have a whole host of excellent speakers on our roster. Below is a selection of expert Artificial Intelligence keynote speakers who can offer their expert insight at all corporate events and conferences.

Kate Darling

With a strong interest in robot ethics, Kate Darling is a research specialist at the prestigious Harvard University, regularly giving thought-provoking talks on ethical issues surrounding AI, discussing where human-robot interaction may take us in the future.

Kate has authored several books and papers on these topics and in her capacity as an after dinner speaker, always leaves audiences inspired to learn more. Having performed talks all over the world, she is always happy to engage with audiences regarding any questions they may have on the issue.

Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury

Well known as one of the presenters on Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, Jason Bradbury is a self-confessed technology lover whose knowledge on the benefits of artificial intelligence is second to none. Presenting the show for 12 years, he took part in many challenges and experiments over the years, a lot of which focused on the increase of AI.

During his keynote speaking engagements, Jason is able to share with audiences his own opinions and insight on how he sees the world of artificial intelligence developing over the coming years and why he thinks it is important to keep advancing technology.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

The man behind the world’s biggest electric car brand TeslaElon Musk is one of the most famous businessmen on the planet. His advancement in technology has provided a boost to a range of industries and he is also the CEO of SpaceX which manufacturers rockets and space vehicles. Elon Musk and artificial intelligence also have a close association, as he is constantly looking to innovate in this area.

Committed to creating a more sustainable planet, in 2006 Elon formed SolarCity one of the largest solar panel companies in the world which manufactures, markets and installs solar panels to buildings across the USA. His commitment to progressing in areas such as sustainability, technology and artificial intelligence has no doubt made him one of the most sought-after AI keynote speakers on the planet.

Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick is one of the world’s best researchers when it comes to AI, robotics and biomedical engineering. Throughout his extremely successful career, Kevin has had an abundance of high-profile roles at some of the UK’s most prestigious universities.

Currently the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Coventry University, his most famous research took place in 1998 when he implanted an array into his own arm in the aim of becoming a ‘cyborg’. His experiment discovered some astounding results and his own nerve tissue even grew around the implant.

Anne Lise Kjar

anne lise kjaer

Anne Lise Kjar is a futurist and artificial intelligence speaker who specialises in looking to the future and examining how the world may look in years to come. Having performed her talks at international conferences, and founded Kjaer Global a company that forecasts what will happen in the future which works alongside some of the world’s biggest brands such as Sony, Swarovski, IKEA and Toyota.

With AI growing significantly, this topic shapes several of her talks fascinating audiences at every occasion she attends.

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