Can Leadership Speakers Make A Difference To My Performance?

With great power comes great responsibility, and working in a managerial position means you not only have to achieve results, but also display people skills to keep your employees content, working hard, and singing from the same hymn sheet.

At Champions Speakers, we have a large number of leadership speakers on our books which we can book for your conference or seminar. Here are four ways in which a leadership speaker can help and improve you as a manager, as an employer and as an employee:

Evolve From A “Boss” To A “Leader”

Too many managers nowadays are “bosses”. They are one-dimensional beings whose people skills are not their forte. They instil fear, blame others for problems, take all the credit, use people, and throw their authority around. Ultimately, they cause friction within the workplace and cause employees to leave, which sets their company back. A leadership speaker will teach bosses how to evolve into leaders, who coaches employees, inspire enthusiasm, are approachable, fix problems and put measures in place to stop them happening again, give credit to others, and says “let’s go” rather than “go”.

Inspire & Teach The Next Generation

In business and in life, every minute counts. Companies need to keep on top of things and look for new ways to grow, develop, invest and prosper. Likewise, employees should always be nurtured and coached so that they are in a position to make the step up into positions further up the career ladder, which is not only beneficial for them, but for the company too. A leadership speaker will equip his delegates with the right tools to improve themselves, but also give them the impetus and skills to pass their knowledge further.

Improve Your Confidence

Managers have to convey confidence and sureness in their role, but in difficult times it can be a challenging position to maintain. Nobody is infallible, so a bit of guidance is sometimes needed to improve an individual’s mindset. A leadership speaker is the right person to instil confidence into any manager, getting rid of any lingering doubts and giving them the impetus to do their job as best they can.

Reach For The Stars While Keeping Your Feet On The Ground

Business should be about pushing boundaries, making groundbreaking discoveries and triggering growth and progress both within your company and wider society. This approach, however, must retain a dose of realism and remain in equilibrium with the current economic climate. A leadership speaker will  help you strike the balance between ambition and level-headedness, dreams and reality.

With many leadership speakers on our books such as Pete Cohen, Deborah Meaden and many other speakers, the Champions Speakers agency assist you in every step of the booking process. To book somebody, fill in our online contact form or call one of our dedicated booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.