Booking an After Dinner Speaker with the Champions Speakers Agency

Booking an after dinner speaker for an event can be a confusing experience if not done properly. Choosing exactly who you want for an event without the expert advice of a speaker’s bureau is a difficult decision to make and frankly, when investment in such an experience has the potential to cost sometimes thousands of pounds, you need to make sure who you are booking is right for the event.

Let us talk you through booking a speaker, the Champions Speakers way:

So, you’ve been on our website and had a good browse of the 1500 (or so) speakers we could offer you for an event. Although you have an idea of which category, such as sports speakers, or who you would like for the event, you are still unsure.

Picking up the phone and calling one of our agents is the easiest way to ascertain exactly whom you should be targeting to book. We have contact with everyone on our books, with some even being available to book exclusively through us, giving you the piece of mind that whoever you book has had lots of experience of working with us and has proven themselves to us over and over again as a wonderful personality whenever hospitality is concerned.

After we’ve had a chat, we can send over any details you need of the speaker, including costs, along with biographies, photos, testimonials and video links, so you can get a real idea of just whom you may book.

After looking through everything we have sent you, crunch time comes and you opt for your ideal speaker. A date is fixed and the celebrity or personality confirms your booking and you now have a wonderful star quality added to your event, which both sells the event to prospective guests as well as truly impress them during proceedings.

Contracts are signed and we happily send you a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne for booking through us, as an appreciation of your business. This gift can also extend to our ‘recommend a friend’ system, where if you refer any colleagues, friends or associates to get in contact and successfully book with us, you will receive an additional bottle of Moet & Chandon each and every time you do so.

Booking an after dinner speaker with the Champions Speakers agency is a breeze for our clients, and we hope we can prove our credentials and reputation to you when you next book a speaker for your event.

For more information on booking an after dinner speaker with the Champions Speakers agency, simply fill out our online contact form or call us on 0207 1010 553 today.