2014 Formula One Season: Preview

With the start of the Formula One season starting this weekend in Melbourne Australia, Champions Speakers look ahead to what could be one of the most thrilling and exciting seasons the sport has seen in many years.

With the introduction of brand new regulations for the 2014 season, the cars have switched from naturally aspirated V8 engines to turbo V6 powertrains. Along with this, the cars’ aerodynamic profiles have changed considerably, with a narrower front wing, shallower rear wing flaps and the abolition of ‘beam’ wings. When combined with a lower chassis height and an increased minimum weight of 690kg, the cars of 2014 have completely new driving characteristics that have the possibility to bring some of the most exciting racing the sport has seen for decades.

The new regulations have seen revered team Red Bull suffer with engine problems with their new package from Renault. With a disastrous pre-season testing behind them, speculators are unsure whether their dominance will continue or whether a new team will burst into the limelight and gain the dominance the Horner led team has enjoyed for the past four seasons.

Lewis Hamilton stands as current favourite to lift the title in 2014, with pre-season testing going well for the Mercedes team with their own engine already proving to be suitably reliable for race distances. Hamilton remains unsure of what is to come, stating;

“All the media are talking us up – favourite driver, favourite team. I just don’t know what’s going to happen this weekend…

…We’ll have better understanding after this first race”

No matter who comes out on top in Melbourne, the racing is sure to be exhilarating and a fantastic spectacle for all to behold. With a potential new order to team hierarchy, the 2014 season could be one of the all time greats.

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