10 Ways To Make Your Corporate Events More Memorable

In our latest blog, we take a look at 10 ways to make your events stand out. From speaking engagements to event identity, we weigh in on the best ways to ensure a memorable occasion. Here are our thoughts:

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

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Guests should feel comfortable from the outset. To put guests at ease, give them everything they need, and if possible put it in front of them. The easier it is for them to get hold of a glass of water or wine, or a plate of food, the more likely they are to feel looked after.

This doesn’t have to mean waiters and waitresses serving three-course dinners, it could simply mean a well-stocked bar with well-managed queues. The most important aspect of this is to make things easy for them. This all lies in the organisation; thinking about the finer details is pivotal in keeping your guests relaxed. Coat racks, a valet service, a welcome drink, name tags or a member of staff to show guests to their seats can all be highly appreciated. Sufficient signage to clearly map out areas of a venue to guests is another smart addition.

Give the Event an Identity

We have all been to an event that was ‘nice’ or ‘well-organised’‘pretty fun’ even. But to get people using superlatives to describe your showpiece event, you must make them feel good. Having an identity could mean having a pre-planned theme; something that challenges expectations. An identity encompasses your entire event and sets it apart from others. You could pack a punch with a dynamic theme or have a subtle one working in the background, either way – this will give your event style and substance.

Provide Talking Points

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People will engage the more they are given to engage with. Finding a launchpad for conversation essentially helps your guests to interact. A talking point could be a fire juggler, a walkaround magician, a photo booth or a statement piece. Whether you opt for a dramatic ice palace at your corporate winter wonderland or a wheel of fortune to mark your product launch – ensure it fits with your theme so that it doesn’t look out of place.

Set the Mood

Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris speaks about her experiences conquering both tops of the world.

The mood of your event relies on your creation of an atmosphere. Ensuring that atmosphere resonates through each and every corner of the room is what makes your events stand out. An infectious positivity can be fashioned through strategic planning. Hitting the right notes with your music setlist and inspiring guests with motivational keynote speakers can all energise your guests. Do things at the right moments and the mood will be set.

Stay True to Your Vision


Your vision should be at the heart of your event. Stay true to the objectives and planned vision for your event and a memorable occasion will ensue. Lighting, décor, food and music all allow for a multi-dimensionality to your event, engaging all the senses. If you have a bold theme, stick to it and market it appropriately; your guests will respond positively.

Wow Your Guests

rory sutherland

As a branding expert, Rory Sutherland gives tips and tricks to improve your brand awareness.

Appealing to your guest’s wishes to be wowed means pushing the boundaries to find the most stimulating speaker to host your event.

Whether a big name or not, the inspirational speaker you choose should define the objectives of the event. At a conference, you may want to tap in to an expert’s opinion on mental toughness, overcoming adversity or various topics from sales and marketing to technology and innovation. Whereas a gala dinner or award ceremony may require something less specific. A great way to entertain is to source a speaker who is equally adept at delivering with authority on their chosen topic as they are at carrying these stories and ideas with conviction and enthusiasm through anecdotes.

Perfect Pre-Planning

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Preparation is key to ensuring that your event runs smoothly.

As with all events, it is advisable to book your music acts, after dinner speakers, event staff, catering and venue as swiftly as possible so that you don’t have to compromise on anything. Having this all ironed out early also allows you to think more about the nitty gritty of your event and prepare for an unforgettable occasion.

Prepping the Venue

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Decoration should fit in with your themes, the stage should be well-lit and have perfect sound, the security should be tight (if it needs to be) but not intrusive, sponsorships should have been arranged prior to the event and their brand banners should be ready to go. A memorable event should not be memorable for the wrong reasons!

Engage with Your Audience

Pete Cohen

Pete Cohen is known to interact and engage with his audiences at corporate events.

There are many ways of keeping the audience on your side. Affording your guests an opportunity to engage with the event on social media via an event hashtag, competitions or even by taking song requests or comments on social media and reading them aloud – can offer guests a chance to get involved with the event as it’s happening. Photographs and video are another great way to keep your guests in a joyous mood.

Measuring Your Event’s Success

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Event hosts can help ensure that events fulfil their purpose.

An event should aim to accomplish its objectives, and to make an event’s success measurable you should consider various methods. If your aim is to engage with people and get them to sign up or use your product or service, have an event host use subtle reminders throughout their speeches of your offerings.

While Comic Relief is one of the comedy spectacles of the year, it always sticks to its principle goal, of earning money for the charity, hence why they continually drive home the ways in which the money is used, and drop in a call to action with the phone line on a regular basis. If fundraising is your aim, don’t lose sight of this.

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