Solo artist Darren Foreman, more famously known as Beardyman, is a contemporary musician from London. Crowned ‘King Of Sound & Ruler Of Beats’, Beardyman is notorious for his beat-boxing skills and creative use of live looping technology. Beardyman’s love for music was amplified at fifteen years of age, after an introduction to drum and bass resulted in a long-standing obsession with music technology.

Now forever known as Beardyman, simply because he has a beard, the innovative musician frequently experiments with elements of drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat, trance, techno and other associated forms of electronic dance music. The gifted solo artist is also known for incorporating other forms of music into his live sets, including reggae and country music, often used for pure entertainment purposes, providing a comedic sidekick to his beat-boxing.

The incorporation of humour in his sets are what set Beardyman apart from the crowd and offer a unique individuality as a solo artist. Having impersonated the King of rock and roll, Elvis, and dressed as a monkey on stage at Bestival, Beardyman racked up a staggering 2 million hits on YouTube.

Essentially, all of Beardyman’s music is created by the sole use of his vocal cords to produce sounds, and to incorporate music technology. With the integration of vocoders and software synthesis to alter the pitch of his voice, or to add various audio effects such as delays, reverbs or modulations, Beardyman is a revolution in modern music.

Having collaborated with MC Klumzy Tung as part of MC/beatbox duo The Gobfathers, they then went on to present Get Lucky TV‘s ‘The Freestyle Show” in 2005. In 2006, Beardyman performed with a series of children’s choir charity concerts called Young Voices, which appeared in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Belfast. Profiled as the weirdest beat-boxer around after his debut on hit Channel 4 show ‘Homemade’ , Beardyman went on to win over the hearts of the nation and the judges with his outstanding musical talents, after he appeared as a contestant on ‘When will I be Famous’ in 2007, the same year he supported Groove Armada on their UK Tour.

In 2009, Beardyman performed at the Udderbelly festival during its residency at South Bank in London, for his ensemble comedy show “Beardyman’s Complete and Utter Shambles” featuring JFB, MC Klumzy Tung, Beardyman’s comedian brother Jay Foreman, Guitarist ‘J’M Black, saxophonist Hellanor and comedian Reggie Watts. The show saw the technology based entertainment experiments of Battlejam taken to a more theatrical comedy club setting.

Most recently Beardyman performed in the 2011 BBC Comedy Prom with comedian genius, Tim Minchin. The alternative sounds of Beardyman make him the ideal candidate for corporate event entertainment or as a male solo artist at private parties. Guaranteed to give your guests the WOW factor, Beardyman’s experimental sounds and captivating performance style will ensure your event, conference or party is one to remember!

To book Beardyman as the solo-artist for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

See what people had to say about Beardyman, when he appeared at their corporate events:

“Beardyman was a fun, entertaining finish to the event which linked in with the overall theme and brought the event to a successful conclusion. The audience were (in order) interested, confused, enlightened, amused, entertained.” – Production Bureau

All round a great show opener. Having been slightly concerned Beardyman might be lost on our middle-aged, male audience, he caused quite a sensation.One sponsor summed it up best as “Undoubtedly though, my highlight of the evening was the appearance of Beardyman. When I told my kids, they were beside themselves!” – UBM