Allowing audiences to learn about the thoughts and feelings of military personnel when under intense pressure and in life or death scenarios makes for a fascinating speech. Offering insight into how to effectively manage those emotions and react without clouded judgement to situations is a particularly interesting feature. Tapping into themes such as leadership, overcoming adversity, teamwork, resilience and more, military speakers can be a vital source of inspiration at events. 

Military motivational speakers offer a compelling account from the frontline of national security. No matter if you wish to feature an expert from the army, navy, RAF, SAS, Ministry of Defence, an active war correspondent or military history specialist, we bring together personalities who have gone above and beyond for their country. 

As a leading speaker bureau, we offer a helping hand in pairing you with the best possible match for your conference. Take a look below at the guest military speakers we have available at Champions Speakers. 

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lord alan west
Lord Alan West
ant middleton
Jas Hawker
patrick mercer
Patrick Mercer
Derek Derenalagi
Derek Derenalagi
guy batchelor
Guy Batchelor
Simon Weston OBE
David Bradley
Major David Bradley
Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC
Military speakers offer a unique perspective. Some motivational tales develop out of misfortune; others are born out of an improbable turn of events, others hold audiences with the deep emotions experienced in the military.

Facing death and suffering with unquestionable loyalty to their country and comrades, military speakers give us a powerful glimpse into themes such as mental resilience, alertness and teamwork in their keynote speeches. Inspiring, as well as offering actionable takeaways, these veteran army soldiers, fighter jet pilots, navy seals, special forces specialists, engineers, correspondents and more can capture the intensity of their experiences in presentations.

Presenting veteran military speakers who have held high ranking positions of leadership, those who have battled all odds and those who have put national security and their friends lives ahead of their own - these war heroes and specialists are a dynamic addition to all manner of events.

Imagine for a second that you knew each patrol or moment on the battlefield could be your very last. Military personnel require incredible mental resilience and physical prowess to cope with the uncertainty that war often brings. The overwhelming pressure is often the catalyst for real heroes and legends joining the history books.

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