Keynote speakers have enjoyed an immense growth in popularity in recent years, which is largely due to their widespread appeal as event entertainment.

One of the most popular entertainment choices for corporate events, gala dinners, award ceremonies, product launches and a vast array of further gatherings, the right keynote speaker is able to take any event from good to great. But what is a keynote speaker, and in what ways can they complement your event?

The Basics

With more than 15 years’ experience behind us, Champions Speakers knows everything there is to know about what makes a leading speaker. Working with many of the country’s top after dinner speakers, we’ve connected countless clients with their ideal speaker.

Although an experienced keynote speaker will always need to be able to command a room and entertain or inspire your audience, no speaker is exactly the same.

In most cases, the keynote speech will be a major focal point for the event, meaning that speakers will often be invited to deliver a speech that is in line with the overall purpose of the event itself. The exact duration, subject and format of the speech may differ depending on what the event requires. In any case, the keynote speech will usually underline the main theme or tone of the event itself.

What Kind of Speakers Are There?

The type of keynote speaker you select will often depend on the needs of your audience and the purpose of your event.

Both inspirational speakers and business speakers are often called upon to motivate and energise those in attendance, making them an ideal choice as corporate entertainment. Serving as a role model for professionals working in many different areas, the likes of Lord Alan Sugar and Richard Reed can prove to be a valuable asset in spurring a team on towards achieving a common goal.

On the other hand, sports speakers are ideal for events that touch upon sports in some way or another. Whether it’s a cricket dinner, a golfing event, or any other sports-related occasion, booking a well-known sports personality is a sure-fire way of creating lasting memories of the event.

Celebrity speakers from a wide array of backgrounds are another popular choice for event organisers, helping to add a wow factor wherever they go. With many more speakers available, the possibilities are truly endless.

Finding the Right Speaker for You

Although some guest speakers may be better suited to specific events than others, it’s important to note that the distinctions are not always clear-cut. Speakers from many different disciplines have been known to appear at both corporate gatherings and charity events.

What matters is that your chosen keynote speaker reflects the aims of your event whilst striking the right balance between inspiration and entertainment. If you’re clear on what your event is attempting to achieve, you’re sure to find just the right speaker for you.

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