Lidwine Sauer

Director of eSports Insights at Ubisoft

Lidwine Sauer is the Director of Insights and Trends for the French video game developer Ubisoft. Working for the strategic innovation lab she is at the forefront of development in the gaming industry and is often invited to impart her knowledge to others in the field. As a keynote speaker, she is educational, interactive and relaxed as she is confident in the insight she delivers.

“If a bike doesn’t move it falls, the same applies to an industry” is a simple yet effective analogy used by Lidwine to emphasise the importance of her role in identifying future innovation opportunities. Through her hard work and structured approach to analysis, Lidwine has been able to predict the latest in consumer behaviors in order to advance the entertainment industry for over two decades. An element of her role has been focusing on megatrends that show potential longevity and deserve investment, such as artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, Ubisoft has integrated AI into a recent game Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Prior to working as the Director of Insights and Trends, Liwine has had various roles for Ubisoft. After graduating from the University of Oxford Saïd Business School, she was equipped with the skills to be a purposeful leader. Lidwine joined Ubisoft in 1998 in their Paris office as an international product manager, responsible for delivering a quality customer experience. Impressing with her ability to apply human psychology and behavioral sciences to the video game industry, saw Lidwine advance in Ubisoft through to her current position after promotion in 2013.

Sharing her forward-thinking approach has made up a large proportion of Lidwine’s recent work. In 2017 she was invited to speak at DICE Europe on the topic of taking advantage of rapid changes in the industry. Off the back of the success of her 2017 keynote speech, Lidwine was again asked to speak in 2018 at the DICE summit Las Vegas and has been announced as part of the 2020 line up. Lidwine has also spoken in the European parliament about the benefits to society of innovation in video games.

As an incredibly well-respected woman in technology, Lidinwe is a professional keynote speaker that has and will continue to impress audiences. Her perspective on the future of the entertainment industry is refreshing and her talks are fast-paced and informative, ensuring audiences get a full understanding of the future of video game innovation.

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When at corporate events, Lidwine is known to cover the following topics:

  • ESports
  • Business Speaker
  • Future Technology
  • Business Strategy
  • Women in Technology