Bryan Intihar

Creative Director Behind Spiderman Playstation 4 Game

Bryan Intihar is best known as the creative director of the hugely successful Spiderman Playstation 4 game. As someone that has continually strived to broaden his understanding of the entire game creation process, he speaks confidently about all aspects involved in creating the fan’s favourite action game.

Originally joining American video game developer, Insomniac, in 2008 as a community manager, he quickly progressed to project manager status. As a project manager, he ensured the success of the Xbox action game Sunset Overdrive which received the IGN award for ‘Best Xbox One Game of 2014′. Promoted to the “job he’d always wanted” in 2014 Bryan was made the creative director on Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 game. The game received rave reviews, as did Bryan from fan’s that had followed him since his early career.

Prior to joining Insomniac, Bryan worked in a range of positions in video game retail, pubic relations, and gaming related websites. In 2003 he joined EMG magazine (Electronic Gaming Monthly) as an editor. He also made regular appearances on the 1UP radio show ‘Sports Anomaly’ where listeners first became aware of Bryan as a video game aficionado.

Spiderman was not only awarded the Fan Favourite Action Game, Fan Favourite Single Player Gaming Experience, and Fan Favourite Character of the Year, at the 2018 Gamers’ Choice Awards, but it was also Bryan Intihar’s career highlight. Bryan found the project “surreal to work on” and his hard-worked saw him personally credited for the ‘Game of the Year.’

However, he’s had little time to relax after the 2018 release as at the beginning of 2019 Bryan teased the second instalment of the planned Spiderman trilogy was in progress, with him taking the creative lead. He has also been sharing his knowledge and insight on behind the scenes of game development, most recently at the 2019 DICE Summit in Las Vegas.

With an experienced understanding of the video game creation process from plotting the game storyboard to planning the press release for fans, Bryan has a unique perspective on the industry that he shares openly with audiences.

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When at corporate events, Bryan is known to cover the following topics:

  • Spiderman
  • The Creative Process
  • Video Game Development
  • Storyline Creation
  • Graphics & Detail